What Is A Type 47 Liquor License

A Type 47 Liquor License is one that you should obtain if you own or planning to start an eating place for people of different ages. The good thing about having this is that all your clients can order beer and wine around your place so long as they consume them right in your establishment.

This will of course attract more and more clients which will mean nothing but more profits for you. So how do you get in and how much will you need for it? Check the items below.

liquore store with type 47 license

How Much Do You Have To Put Out?

Applying for a type 47 liquor license will mean a few thousand of dollars on your end. That may sound outrageous if you consider it on its own but if you try to think about the possible profits you can earn through your business with it, surely you will be encouraged. Most business owners apply for this during the time that they are still building the business such that the money that will be used to pay for it can be considered and accounted for as a capital expense. As soon as the eatery or other businesses related to food service becomes operative, you will be sure to get back everything you have spent on it.

Filing the Application

Application for Type 47 License will have to be filed at the Internal Revenue office around your place. Aside from the authorized fees, you might also be required to submit some other documents and legalities for regulatory purposes. So as to avoid delay, it is best to prepare all the requirements first, compile them neatly and then file them all at once. The trick is only to give enough justification that you can take responsibility over this license.

Hiring Liquor License Experts

If you are already busy with other things relevant to your business, filing for this kind of license can become a bother to you. For convenience, you can just hire liquor license experts to do the job for you. In exchange of a certain fee, all you have to do is provide copies of the documents needed and then let them do the rest for you. Before you know it, you will have your license neat and useful already.

Inviting Clients over with you Type 47 License

As soon as you get your Type 47 Liquor License, the next thing you should do is to let your regular clients and those who are yet to be about it. As soon as they know that they can drink all the beer and wine that they can in your place, they are sure to come regularly. Posting signs around your place that says you have the license will therefore be important. If you do mainstream advertising, it will also be very helpful if you say something about the license that you have.



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