Becoming a Virtual Assistant

With advancement in technology, it is now possible to work from home. And one of the many opportunities for people wanting to work at home is to get a job as a virtual assistant.

Interested? Read our basic guide to get you started on the way to becoming your own boss.

Working from home has always been a dream of many. Now, with advancement in technology, that dream has come true. Many are now working from home and enjoying the flexibility of such work setup. Among the many opportunities for people wanting to work from home is becoming a virtual assistant (VA) – working remotely from any office. How does one become a virtual assistant?

  • First have a solid experience in performing a support task to professionals, offices and businesses. Although the functions of VAs could vary from Web designing to purely secretarial duties, many of the tasks of virtual assistants are support services such as bookkeeping, delivery management, Internet research, transcription and database management. If you have a job, do well on it. If you think you can already perform the same functions remotely, you’re on the first step to becoming a VA.
  • If there are opportunities, get VA training and certification from recognized VA groups. While actual experience on traditional support function is a strong point, trainings on how to do it can go a long way towards helping you get a client.
  • Specialize on a few functions (two to three) or a particular industry. This specialization could highlight you among the many aspiring VAs out there.
  • Secure the equipment such as internet connection, telephone, and fax machine.
  • Find a place to have as an “office” whether within the house or some place else. The only requirement for the room is it should be free from distractions and conducive to make you perform efficiently.
  • Market yourself extensively by setting up a Web site, joining forums, advertising in the Yellow Pages, joining VA organizations, posting your services in freelancing web sites and linking with other VAs.
  • Since as a VA, you are working as a contractor, once you have settled in with a client or clients, make sure that you take care of expenses like healthcare and insurance.
  • Continue to grow your business by becoming active in VA organizations, and keeping in touch with people in the same profession. Who knows you could form a team of virtual assistants to tackle on more complicated jobs!

Setting up an office and preparing yourself for the task are just preliminaries in your real job as a virtual assistant. The real challenge will be on your work daily. Strive to perform impressively for a lasting relationship with clients.


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