Starting an Outdoor Sports Business

Who doesn’t like the outdoors? The bet should be high that almost everybody wouldn’t let a pass a chance to enjoy some activities outdoor on a beautiful day.

Why not be the one to make that chance an everyday possibility by starting an outdoor sports facility? Read about some ideas from our basic guide.

Exploring nature is one of the most prevailing passions of human beings. A large number of people are outdoor enthusiasts. They are a pack of energy waiting to explode once unbound outdoors. That is why outdoor sports facilities are very popular. If you are thinking of a business in line with this (understandably because you are a nature lover yourself), here are some ideas and questions to ponder:

  • What outdoor sports facility will you develop? There are a host to choose from. But the best one is the one that you are passionate about, too. Otherwise, you are in for a painful undertaking. Here is a short list of some outdoor sports ideas: bungee jumping, biking, camping, parasailing, gliding, scuba diving, horse riding, skiing, river rafting.
  • To start an outdoor sports camp, you’d need a camp, of course – a place, an area (a ground, a mountain, a forest, a river, a resort, or beach) where you can hold the outdoor activity you intend to do. Your choice is to rent or buy if you do not own one.
  • After the place, you would need to build at least some basic facilities within the camp. Among these are a reception area (which could be as big as a hotel or as small as a hut for one person in charge), and a restroom. If yours is a resort-type, there might even be food kiosks, special viewing area and souvenir shops within the facility.
  • You also have to secure the necessary sports equipment, and protective gadgets to ensure that visitor experience in your camp or park will be both exciting and safe.
  • Equally important, is the manpower for the facility. You would need people who have interests in the outdoors to man your outdoor sports facility. They could act as staff, tour guides, and even instructors. In some sports (like scuba diving, for example), you might need to hire people who are licensed to be involved in particular sports.
  • One of the major undertakings that an outdoor sports business owner is to secure the permits, licenses and certificates for the facility. There will be different papers to secure to build structures, to perform some outdoor activities, to teach others how to do some sports, and to prove that you have everything covered for the safety of visitors.

While the choices on the kind of outdoor sports business to start may be wide, you can start with something simple like a hiking trail. That kind of “facility” does not need a large capital investment for structures. You just have to let people enjoy the beauty of nature. The most you can do, maybe, is to be a guide. Good luck.


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