Start Your Own TV Channel

It is not really that expensive to start your TV station compared to what many people think. Some are trying to make their channel where they can put up promotional presentations concerning their businesses. You have to be aware of the website for your television channel.

The booming of Digital and satellite television paved the way for making your dreams come true.

own tv channel

If you want to start your TV channel relative to your purpose of promoting your business, there are some things that you have to follow. You have to remember that there should be a guide to start with to ensure this will be successful.

The Considerations

You have to know why in the first place, you would want to launch your TV channel. You have to make a critical evaluation of the objectives and goals of your channel. You will also need to investigate different models for your application. And it would help if you also made it a target of who is to be your prospective audience. It would also be better if you would think of what will be the best thing to do to reach them.

Seek for Guidance

You need to ask for a help of a TV guide and be sure that it will be on a perfect platform. Think of what kind of channel you’ll start with. You can make a survey of what channel the people want to see. You can even try to select tracks that make a maximum number of TRP.

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Channel Guide

The TV channel guide can attract digital table service users. This goes on when you are also trying to start your TV channel. It is a must to remember that it should be the right package that perfectly suits the customer’s taste. You should see that it offers entertainment that will attract the viewers' attention. It should be that the TV channel that you enter into will let you provide interactive servicing, Teletext, and premium services. This could be daunting, but the experts will help you all along. This could be your chance to become a TV tycoon.

Other Factors

There are also things you have to consider if the TV Channel will cover more of what they can offer. You have to think if there is any available partner who will do the technical services for you. The other one is that you should consider if you need programs alone. Who are the persons that you would be working with to have the right programs? These include the totality of the companies’ production, other content partners, and even broadcasters. You should also think if you will be using telephone services to gain your revenues. And if you ever need their services, you must find telecommunication providers who will be the right ones for you.

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  • shyam said on May 14, 2011
    Hello, i like to know more on to start a TV channel, I am from India , pls guide me with enough tips for the same, best rgds Shyam, +919980997020
  • shyam said on July 24, 2011
    I am from India, Bangalore, pls help me in the following, also let me know the budget needed for it
  • david said on October 22, 2012
    i am from ghana and want to write a proposal for channel provision for a satellite station. can i get a sample proposal.
  • m k parmar said on March 21, 2013
    we a group of business personal. we want to start a general tv. channel, which include soap, with news e.t.c. kindly suggest that the name of company , adviser, project expert, technical and how to get govt. license for the same.
  • john said on July 11, 2013
    hi we want to start a free to air channel in Southen Africawe are based in Zimbabwe, how do we go about it, its going to be a channel with entertainment like local soaps and dramas, documentaries and some international content. please advice
  • Avnish Kumar Singh beginner adviser said on October 9, 2013
    Hi I am from Sky Wire Broadcast, it's registered in India and doing work around the world, we are helping out for start a TV channel in India and another countries. If you are interested for open a TV channel plz mail us on Thanks & Warm Regards, Avnish +91 9811871836 || Consultant

  • Ss said on November 5, 2013
    Hi please revert back. Looking forward to starting one here!
  • jonh said on December 24, 2013
    hi we want to start a free to air channel in Potchefstroom we are based in South africa, how do we go about it, its going to be a channel with religion and local documentaries. please advice and how much will it cost us to open it
  • Ashutosh K said on December 28, 2013
    Any one looking to Set up Satellite Tv channel or take over existing tv channel can either call 9035077714 or mail
  • Piyush Bajaj said on January 27, 2014
    Can you please mail me the details how to setup our own tv channel, or to create it. What kind of steps do i need to follow and all?
  • gladston beginner adviser said on April 19, 2014
    do call us for assistance as we provide very cost effective solutions for setting up your tv channel / web tv / radio stations. call us at 00918592092010 or mail us at || Consultant

  • Jessica Simon beginner adviser said on May 25, 2014

    @m k parmar, the initial process is to first signup an agreement with a media consultant who will help you with the following factors
    preparation of request for proposal documents
    evaluation of the quotations
    vetting of the equipments
    recruitment of the staffs
    project implementation
    training and supporting
    and technical coordination
    I can definitely help you get this done in the right way we can further clarify these details over a chat or phone. || Consultant

  • Midhun S said on June 1, 2014
    am from Kerala, India. I want to start a tv channel. I just only know li'l information that i got from various sites. But i still think these are not sufficient. I want to know from the basic things. I have the full and final programme list. So what i want to do first?
  • Navya Reddy said on June 22, 2014
    WOw. there are so many people who are interested to start new channel. ALL the best guys. Well it is really glad to meet you. We are from category. i mean our idea. MY aim is to run a best news channel of country but i dont know how. and i dont know which group i have to take in My MBA which helps me to start news channel. can anyone of you help me?
  • S.K.Salvi said on July 21, 2014
    Pls mail me for more information to start your own professional TV channel in very low budget .
  • r.d.nalamwar said on August 3, 2014
    I am from Nagpur Maharashtra India and I wanted to ask the budget for starting a TV channel and the procedure..
  • gladston beginner adviser said on August 14, 2014
    we can provide a complete solution from proposal to license to setting up the tv channel to distribution . || Consultant

  • kartikey said on September 6, 2014
    hey, i'm in my final year right now and very much keen to open a music tv channel. will an internship with mtv or channelV help me in any way?
  • B.Gopinath said on September 15, 2014
    Hi, I am interest (TV CHANNEL) business how I star my own tv channel business and, pls give basic instruction and how i investment.
  • Hemanth said on October 3, 2014
    hi myself hemanth i'm frm bangalore. i want open my own tv channel(low budget). R existing channel. plz give me d suggestion??
  • Pravin N. beginner adviser said on October 18, 2014

    Hello Aspirants, We have NEWS TV channel for sell  and can relocate anywhere in India. If anyone interested Kindly contact. Regards,

  • Brotel Technologies beginner adviser said on October 30, 2014
    Dear Sir, If you are Planning to Start a Satellite News or Non News TV Channel in India, we are having a Industry's Professionals Team. we have already set up More than 10 TV Channels in India. If you have any query or need more guidance/information related to How to Start a Satelitte TV Channel, Cost, budget, Workflow, ROI, Planning, Design, Integration. etc etc.
    Feel free to Contact us at :- Sudhir Sachdeva, M:- 09810274044, 09266661003, 09266661010 E-Mail :- || Consultant

  • abdul nabi said on October 30, 2014
    i am running local cable channel in tamil nadu i want start satellite channel what is the budget and i need detail if any one have detail email me this my
  • V. Rajagopal Naidu said on November 1, 2014
    Planning to set up TV news channel in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States of India. Let me inform procedures and budget.
  • M. Dev Kumar said on November 6, 2014
    Hello, This is Dev here. I like to know to start a TV channel in Odisha. Plz guide me with enough tips how to Start a Satelitte TV Channel, Cost, budget, Workflow, ROI, Planning, Design, Integration. etc etc. best rgds
  • Sunil vasoo said on December 1, 2014
    I am running local channel on cable tv network and interested to purchase license for satellite frequency if any one interested to sell pl contact in mumbai 8108173452
  • sunny said on December 8, 2014
    i WANT TO START MY OWN T.V. CHANNEL - i have a great & very creative concept ready which surely will give 2000 cr. monthly profit.. that's why am looking for a good business partner with whom i can start my own t.v. channel.. the investment for the program is not much.. but yes the establishment cost may be there... so my first target is to make a BUSINESS PARTNER. second tgt :- TO CONSULT A MEDIA CONSULTANT. ANY INTERESTED BUSINESSMAN / WOMEN / CONSULTANT CAN EMAIL ME :- ADDWORLD@GMAIL.COM SUNNY
  • Adri Sekhar said on December 23, 2014
    Starting up a TV channel is a very expensive issue. Anybody who runs a company with a yearly turn over of 300 cr and more can venture into the TV channel domain. if there are any queries that need to be answered then you can contact me on We at NSTPL wold be more than happy to help you out with the same.
  • deepak more said on December 28, 2014
    my base concept with the idea of a new channel and what should it be related with and what kind of shows it must have. is ready but i dont know the further step. i dont have an investment too can anyone guide me with what should be the next step including research which is required? please mail me on if you would like to help. i need to start it in India.
  • Phungs said on December 29, 2014
    I want to start a regional TV news channel in Assam. I want to get the total complete steps to own a channel.... i.e getting licenses, which office to visit etc. thank You. my is -
  • avidas barla said on January 3, 2015
    Hello, i am Avidas barla from jharkand India . and I am working in TV channel. I like to start web TV channel , how to start web tv news in nagpuri language and English. Plz guide me how much it will Cost, to start send me by email avidas.Barla@gmail. com...
  • JK said on January 4, 2015
    Hi, We are a group of software professionals who has setup the Online TV aka web TV for couple of prestigious channels in India and Australia. You can reach me on my email address providing additional contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Regards, JK. Reach me on
  • Ashutosh Singh said on January 14, 2015
    Hello friends, Learn How to Start Satellite, Cable, Analog and Digital Broadcast TV Channels and Web TV ,online TV/ IPTV in simplified ways like the government laws ,Takeover of Existing channels/equipments. Way of finance/loan from central & State Govt. you can reach me on +91-9035077714 or Email:
  • Silas Eschole said on January 19, 2015
    Dear brother, I'd like to start a free TV channel in India. Pls let me know, how much it would cost, what are the basic requirements, how and whom to approach, etc. Thank You Silas Eschole Chennai, India
  • Yogesh Pawar said on January 24, 2015
    Hi, I would like to start my own tv channel..ll please guide me
  • Amit said on January 25, 2015
    hi, start your own News TV Channel withing 15 days starting from 5 CR,(this Cost Include 6 Months running cost, limited distribution, Entertainment TV Channel starting from 4 CR, limited distribution, content cost separate. start your own WEB TV starting from 10 lacs, if u need to invest in NEWS or entertainment TV Channel with Secured Debenture, need details call me on 9971240539 or email me your contact Details on
  • Dr. Vasanth Kumar said on February 2, 2015
    Sir, I would like to know whether a state government can start its own channel to help its citizens.
  • vaibhaw said on February 15, 2015
    I want to start a entertainment TV Chanel . Plz guide me ...and about cost
  • sunil negi said on February 17, 2015
    please send full presentation for new Hindi regional satellite channel for up. with full technical setup on minimum ground or maximum ground. immediately with quotation
  • sandesh said on February 25, 2015
    Hi, can you send full Details for news Genre channel.
  • suresh said on February 28, 2015
    hai we want to start news channel and health channel in southern state. within 6 months of period. in low budget. please guide and support in all aspect.
  • Umer Arshad Malik said on March 5, 2015
    Hi, I am Umer from Rajouri District of Jammu & Kashmir. I want help for create a local news channel. So plz help me sir.
  • jermaine mpofu said on March 20, 2015
    hi I would like to start a television station in my country and plz guide me and teach me on how to succeed in launching it
  • meeradevi said on March 25, 2015
    Hi i would like to start a local tv channel in my city hyderabad please help me How to create a channel
  • c s rao said on April 11, 2015
    hi I want to start a local TV channel in a district level Business address is Bobbili- Town , Vizianagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh, Mob 9010633047, please guide me how to proceed further step early reply plz
  • shyam pawar said on May 14, 2015
    Hi I am Local cable tv operator (LCO) hubli city I Want Start My own Local tv chanel , How to legal procedure or Permission. I Am not a Anderstand Please please guide and support my email id or 9480329464
  • DINESH KUMAR MISHRA said on May 21, 2015
    Hi I want to start my own TV News Channel in UP state pls help me how to create and what will be the min cost. contact no:09892409540 &
  • Jessica beginner adviser said on May 24, 2015
    Please sign up a business consultancy agreement with us and we will guide you through || Consultant

  • God Gift Network said on May 28, 2015
    Pls mail us for more information to start your own professional TV News channel in very low budget. we also provide full support to run a news channel with good content & marketing plan.
  • Ranjitnarayan Verma said on May 30, 2015
    Hi I want to start my own TV entertainment Channel from mumbai, i want to know what is the producer to start an own TV channel, what is a minimum budget to start own channel? plzz help me out
  • Devaraj said on June 7, 2015
    plans to start a TV channel in Kannada language, Karnataka. I would like to know the Minimum Budget for a start-up Channel. Good Day
  • Pravin said on June 8, 2015
    Dear Friends, We are team of media professionals having 20+ years media experience in all verticals Programming, Production, Sales, Marketing etc... Currently we have license to start satellite channel. We are looking for investor or business partner to start and run a full fledged satellite channel on revenue sharing format. Interested people can mail us to
  • venu said on June 13, 2015
    Sir I would like to start regional news tv in Bangalore Karnataka can u guide me low budget please
  • Meghansh said on June 14, 2015
    Am from delhi and i want to know that how i can start a tv channel
  • Shivani said on June 14, 2015
    I would like to start a local news channel at Bangalore please could to guide me with further details.
  • Solomon said on June 15, 2015
    I need help. How to start local channel guide me.
  • gladston gomez said on June 20, 2015
    Please visit your nearest Local Cable Operator and discuss about your requirement on your TV channel . He will give you almost 80% of your details on how to initiate the business. You will have to take a license from the post office and register a farm for registration/renewal of registration as a cable operator. Then you will have to buy a cable tv playout software which would cost you 1 lakh Rs or less. The cable operator will give you more details on how much will they charge you to have your channel into their network on a yearly basis. you will have to setup a small studio if you would like to do shows or live shows. buy some content from content distributors. for more details you can also visit and or call 00919567378883
  • Hetram said on July 8, 2015
    i want to start up a tv Chanel in India . I want know about process of TRY . someone help me . I don't worry about money but i really care about my future & i want my dream comes true .So please help me and my vision
  • Gaurav Verma said on August 26, 2015
    Plz contact me nd tell me the process of opening a local broadcasting channel in Varanasi, U.P, India. Contact - +91-8960173101
  • satyam said on September 6, 2015
    hello dear all i went through the mails i too wanted to venture into opening of a satellite tv channel sincerely. can someone help me to succeed through this. kindly help me to know the process, the reason for me being so desperate is to help public at large. hopefully who are really sincere with the same thought process can mail me. regards
  • Manish said on September 7, 2015
    Hello i am a college student, aim is to start my own T.V. CHANNEL - i have a great & very unique, creative idea for this young college generation so that students fild this channel very useful for that's why am looking for a big investor establishment cost ,with whom i can start my own t.v. if there is genuine investor who want to invest pls contact me. mobile no 09579737497
  • saddam shaikh said on September 7, 2015
    i want to know the procedure how to create a own cable tv channel for a small city i dont want to start a network channel if some one have any idea/knowledge pls get me reply on mob no 9158778608
  • shaurya agrawal said on September 11, 2015
    i want to start a news channel in my town. Plz guide me for this purpose and regarding budget. i am from mirzapur ,UP. mob 9984118895
  • Mrityunjaya said on September 13, 2015
    I want to start my own TV channel for social and financial reforms in India so, please suggest me VOIP or internet or broadcasting TV is better for start with lowest cost. My proposal is ready or First I will do MBA than start the channel please give your suggestions.
  • stanislaus said on September 20, 2015
    I want to start tv channel.The channel will be regional one precisely it will broadcast nagpuri songs some events in sadri/nagpuri language.This can help marginal tribal group to come up in society. Interested people contact
  • Ganesh said on September 22, 2015
    I want to start my own TV channel on local cable network. please tell me what will the procedure and how does it cost. please mail me
  • subin benziger said on October 3, 2015
    i like to start a local channel so plz help me to get more details about it contno[9539153320]
  • vivek arora said on October 4, 2015
    I want to start tv channel. I need help. can u guide me how much budget please any loan possible.
  • raj said on October 7, 2015
    we are group of young businessman have already stated Hindi general satellite tv channel need more partners for active participation in day to day tv channel activities. we already have all the licenses and equipment s we need people for distribution and 7303064181
  • Sankar said on October 7, 2015
    Hi All,I am decided to start own local channel in Tamilnadu.Kindly share me the procedure to start the Channel and also cost Regards,Sankar
  • rajesh patil said on October 17, 2015
    i am interested in starting news tv channel. please guide me what are the steps to take .
  • RAMMOHAN said on October 19, 2015
    Hi ALL, I am decided to start own info satellite TV channel,in Tamilnadu. kindly guide me the procedure to start this project and also costs, steps.(or)Any consultants in this projects.
  • sandeep b said on October 21, 2015
    hi i want to start a sattellite channel please in maharashtra please help.
  • subrat said on October 27, 2015
    National TV channel cost -100cr or regional TV channel -15 cr.after u made it u can regd it at stock market & get money from IPO or run your business successfully.
  • vignesh.G said on October 29, 2015
    hello everyone i am vignesh from vellore(dt) at tamilnadu. i like to start a ownlocal tv channel so plz guide me to how i start it and what are the budget for that... thank you with regards,vicky.. email:
  • Dr.B.C.Rath said on October 31, 2015
    Please assist me to Start a ORIYA local news channel at Bhubaneswar,Odisha.Kindly give me the idea and information including the minimum investmentbrequirement for this project. -Dr.Rath Mob - 09778999999
  • Raja Mallick said on November 1, 2015
    I want to start a Web Tv Channel from India : We already Run So many Web Tv Channel from india and bangaldesh , and other country like Australia london so if anyone interested to invest money on making Web tv Channel and distribution marketing then join with us send full details to email: or +919903150990
  • Kishore said on November 4, 2015
    I want to start local tv channel in my city.please give me guidance to how to start and procedures,requirements at or whatsapp 9159999335
  • sabar5 said on November 16, 2015
    I want start own tv chennal in tamil nadu tirupur so please any guide me to start with legal procedure. thank
  • pravin said on November 17, 2015
    Dear Sabarishwaran, which channel you are interested- News or non-news channel. We have ready channels for sale, in which you will save your time and in short you will be on air. Thanks and regards, Intellinx Business solutions Pune
  • Anand said on November 21, 2015
    Hello, I like to start local Channel in my district in Tamilnadu. Please help to know about the budget and procedures to start it. Contact me through:
  • prasenjit mondal said on November 21, 2015
    Who want to star tv channel ground to invest low cost please contact for project and all support.0988307114.
  • prasenjit mondal said on November 21, 2015
    Who want to started a ground tv channel at low invest please contact 0988307114 for project and all support.
  • C.r.Senthil Nayagam said on November 24, 2015
    I want to start a internet t.v. channel in India, to telecast movies. If anybody reply me I will grateful to them. Also the cost of that channel.
  • manoj said on December 10, 2015
    Hi i am manoj from odisha sambalpur i want to start a regional tv channel here can you guide me in details i want to open an entertainment channel so kindly give me the cost required and the process to evaluate it.
  • muneer said on December 13, 2015
  • shibeswar soren said on January 2, 2016
    Hi I am shibeswar soren West Bengal purulia .I want to start a TV channel. you can guide me details in shortly time. so kindly give me the required information process of setting and start. Sir I am waiting for your call 9677530844
  • ASHUTOSH DUBEY said on January 4, 2016
  • atul dhinge said on January 13, 2016
    Sir I want capital to start new Marathi entertainment tv channel of inr 25 crore please help me yeola Maharashtra
  • Satej Joshi said on January 16, 2016
    Hello, I am Satej Joshi, I'm from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I have very nice concept to start TV channel, It will be the best one. You can contact me on / whatsapp +91 8149870210.
  • Vivek Thar said on February 13, 2016
    Hi, I need information regarding setting up of a New TV Channel in India. Need a consultant based in Mumbai. Please contact or 9821854300z
  • Adtiya v singh said on February 14, 2016
    I am Aditya from Rewa MP. I want to start a regional news channel in MP. kindly guide me to start this news channel, its cost, infrastructure, location.
  • Sunil Gupta said on February 28, 2016
    I am interested to start a TV channel for skill development.
  • Subhash.D beginner adviser said on March 3, 2016
    Dear All, Here i come to know anybody interested for Regional News Channel/ Religious Channel. Here Our Prestigious Company 'SANGAM MEDIA' will help to you. we fully focused for PUNJAB/ HIMACHAL PRADESH/ U.P. If anybody wants to Setup news channel in these locations may contact to us. we ensure to you that would be very helpful to you. if have any quarry kindly mail to me || Consultant

  • udhayakumar said on March 4, 2016
    Please give some vsluble suggestion to open new tv channel
  • jitendra said on March 24, 2016
    I am jitendra from jodhpur rajasthan I want to start a movie channel. kindly guide me to start this movie channel, its cost, infrastructure, please contact me 9784914335.
  • Devendra Singh said on April 2, 2016
    Hi there, Kindly let me know whether I can re-run programs of populat TV chennels after recording them, on my web TV channel. Warm regards
  • Karan Pandita said on April 8, 2016
    I also want to start my own channel in my state. please guide me how can i do. is my email please guide me.
  • Parthasarathy Ramesh said on April 11, 2016
    Hi, I would like to start a new religious TV channel, based out of south India/ Need guidance on cost involved. Have excellent content ready. Please respond with your no at the earliest.
  • Rahul reddy said on April 20, 2016
    sir I like to start a cable news channel ways the process to start dat n wats the cost of that can u reply me plz


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