Plus Size Modeling Requirements

Plus size model is a person who wears and models plus size line of clothing. If you are interested with this type of modeling, there are certain requirements that you have to know.

Learn the plus size modeling requirements with the help of this article.

If you think you are qualified in plus size modeling, you have to know first the plus size modeling requirements. If you have an idea with this, you can basically determine if you are really qualified for this kind of profession.

What is a Plus Size Model?

The term plus size model is referred to the person who is in line with modeling clothes that are in plus size. The main role of this person is not actually intended to sell these clothing lines but he or she is a medium in order to gather wide base of customers. Aside from line of clothing, plus size models are also modeling garments, cosmetics, watches, footwear and any other products. Moreover, plus size models are typically a part of advertising magazines and wearing the things that are being marketed. However, there are certain requirements that you have to know when you are interested with this kind of profession. The requirements are as follows:

  • Height requirement
  • Hip, waist and butt proportionality
  • Nice bone structure

Height Requirement

In almost all of the types of modeling, height requirement is always at the top of its standards. Usually, the other forms of modeling are setting a minimum of 5 feet seven inches height to the qualified models. But in the case of plus size modeling, you must be at least 5 feet 9 inches in height. This particular height can easily put justice to the clothing that you will wear or to the garments that you will use. Thus, there will be a greater chance that the product that you are promoting will be patronized by the interested people.

Hip, Waist and Butt Proportionality

In plus size modeling, it is also a plus that you have a proportioned hip, waist as well as butt. This is a common requirement that needs to be present in an aspiring plus size model applicant because if you have this type of body, you will enhance the appeal of the clothing line that you will be wearing. As a result, there is a great chance that you will attract possible customers that will avail the clothing that you are modeling.

Nice Bone Structure

Nice bone structure is also one of the most looked after characteristic in an applicant for plus size modeling. When you have a nice bone structure, there is a great chance that the dress that you will carry will be more attractive than ever. The excellence of bone structure must be seen first in well-proportioned shoulders. A nice shoulder bone structure adds gorgeousness to the person who carries the dress. In return, the dress looks gorgeous and appealing, too.


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