Starting a Sports Betting Business

Starting sports betting in the United States is risky since it is illegal in most states. Since it is illegal to bet on sports in most states in the United States, you must consult first the services of a lawyer to make sure that it is legal to start a sports betting business in your state.

You can also directly ask your city hall if starting a sports betting business in your local is illegal.

Betting on sports can sometimes be confusing because sports books have their terminologies. Familiarizing yourself with these terminologies before starting your sports betting business is necessary. Some of the terms used in sports betting are the following:

  • Action – this is the act of betting. This is derived from “I want in on an action” or “Show me where the action is”.
  • Handicap means giving points to a team to give an advantage to another.
  • Handle - is the total money wagered.
  • Sportsbook – this is another term for a sports betting business. This is also known as a book.
  • Bookie – this is an individual who takes bets.
  • Juice – this is the profit of the bookie.

Once you have familiarized yourself with most of the terms used in sports betting, you are one step closer to starting your own sports betting business.

Seek advice from the expert. This will help you learn the dos and don’ts of a sports betting business. But never expect your competitors to give you good advice because that will be the last thing they want to do. But if they give you good advice, that would mean less profit for them.

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Online sports betting is an option if you do not want to establish a physical sports betting business. But just like a standard sports betting business, online betting must follow certain legalities. If you choose to start an online sports betting business, your business should meet all the legal requirements. This will save you in case of trouble in the future, or it can even prevent troubles regarding the legality of your sports betting business from happening.

Sports betting business can be profitable, but alongside that is the risk of being in massive trouble if your sports betting business is illegal. Some people consider sports betting as an art because it involves complex processes and techniques that take time to learn and master. Without having enough knowledge of sports betting, you would be unsuccessful. That is why it is essential to know most, if not all, of the things involved in sports betting, or you can hire somebody to run your sports betting business for you.


  • butta said on September 4, 2012
    I'm trying to start my own sport betting program....
  • Didas Byaruhanga said on March 20, 2013
    I am in Kampala, country Uganda in East Africa. There is No ban on Betting websites in my country .I have a good experience in the administration and operating of a sports betting business in my country Uganda. It's very Easy to get a license here, and the taxes are low. so any one interested can come and partner with me and we do this profitable business in Uganda. Reach me through my day time contact +256788707229,or my email
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  • roni said on May 13, 2013
    i am trying to open sport betting but i don't know how much money it takes to start sport betting any one who know this basic things i need advice plz
  • letlhogela Mokgara said on December 4, 2013
    good day. hope you are well. all i need to know is what are the steps to follow when one wants to start a sports betting business, where to go for a license, is it a profitable business to have and can it offer more job for the young ones here in soweto?
  • Zorair Asatur said on January 12, 2014
    Hi everyone. I work for a company named Betconstruct. I am one of the senior sales managers. Anyone interested to open up a betting business (specially in Africa)can contact me. I will provide all the required information. My personal mail is, contact me whenever you like.
  • Zorair Asatur said on January 12, 2014
    @Roni, can I have your email address or skypename?
  • amale steven said on January 14, 2014
    i want to start a sports betting business in uganda where can i get the softwares and hardwares to run the business anyone who can help email me at will pay you.
  • don said on September 2, 2014
    Hi @Zorair, pls i'm interested in setting up sport betting company in Naija can u pls help me with proposal or a guide that can put me through. thanks Don
  • vin said on October 21, 2014
    Hi I am from uganda I want to start my own betting business whoever is interested write me on my e mail
  • roni said on October 30, 2014
    Hi I am in Uganda I want to open sport betting business. Any one who want partner or any one who have knowledge how to get the license plz contact me through my email address
  • jerry said on November 12, 2014
    I am planning to open a sports bet company in South Africa, Mpumalanga Province. I am looking for an experienced consultant residing in South Africa, preferably in Pretoria, contact me at
  • ogasky said on December 28, 2014
    hi, am in Nigeria and I intend opening a sport betting website in Nigeria with low capital. I need a detailed guide on how to go about it and how to get a relatively good sportsbook software to launch out. You can reach me on thanks
  • Ian said on January 2, 2015
    I have a fully licensed Sports Betting Company in Nairobi - Kenya that I would like to sell. Any interested party please contact me directly on +254721516866 OR
  • Sifiso said on January 6, 2015
    Hey ladies and gents, i'm a young guy at South Africa in pretoria and i dream of establishing my own spots betting business due to the potential I've seen in the market. Anyone who could help me about licensing. Plz help by contact, 0797216522 or by email
  • Geoftrey said on January 25, 2015
    Hi every one out there, i need a partner whom i can open up a sport betting Company in Uganda .The partner in question will take care of operational License and any other operational cost for opening shops and office. then personally i will provide Platform with latest technology , software and all the games that are on the market demand including virtual. Please interested contact me on or call me on +25672937724
  • Geoftrey said on January 25, 2015
    Hello every one , I am in Uganda i need to open a sports betting company in these countries below, Uganda Kenya, Tanzania Rwanda Central Africa or wesst Africa Ghana and Nigeria. The Partner will take care of all the locals costs ( operational License , operational costs and any other cost involved locally. i will take care of the Platform system software, with all the games games needed on the local market. Also if the already existing license and you need to change the platform to the one that is on on international standard please you are well. i believe we can strike a life time deal please reach me on or +256772937724
  • Sifiso said on January 31, 2015
    Hey people to those who lost contact with me on before we finished business i am sorry my email address was destroyed. Please contact me on if we previously had contact with me on the above mentioned address. Or if you have knowledge with sports betting shops and market specifically in South Africa please contact me, mostly i'd love to know where I can find licensing for my business. Contact me pls 0797216522, or thanks. I'd love to hear from you soon guys. regards, sifiso sambo
  • Solomon said on February 12, 2015
    Hi! I'm Solomon from Ghana and looking to start a Sport betting company in Accra. Have a low starting capital and I'm looking to make a slow start with the business till it matures. I kindly need guidelines from anyone. My email address is Thank you
  • Maxwel Innocent said on March 15, 2015
    Hello, I really want to start my own sport betting business, in Nigeria. anyone with useful information should pls contact me as soon via my email
  • Bernard said on June 25, 2015
    Hi everyone I want setup some small sporting business in Ghana and I have low capital to start so please anyone with useful information can contact me via this email you
  • Dammo Kouassi Serge said on June 30, 2015
    Good news for those who want to start a sport bet business: we have complete sportbook and software, i'm a citizen of ivory cost and i have been working in london as programmer, we have complete solution for those who want to start with low capital. i'm currently in Ghana takoradi, i'm available for any demonstration. contact or +233543425507
  • tarim scott said on July 12, 2015
    i'm trying to start my own sports betting business how much will it cost all together?
  • nkululeko freedom gaoboihe said on August 2, 2015
    I am nkululeko gaoboihe I live in south Africa at Johannesburg I want to start a betting company and I am young 21 year age and am really passionate about business. I want to creating job opportunity to the youth and increase economy for our country. I want to take our youth away from bad things such as drugs etc. I believe this can change my life and other people Ang this will allivaite poverty. My number is 0734104223 and I thank you
  • Collen said on November 24, 2015
    Good day, I am in South Africa ( Mpumalanga) I want to start my own online and walk-in Bookmaker/ betting company. I have made all my research and the process of registering with Gambling board. I have all the experience needed at the moment i am working to one of the online Bookmaker that is making more than R 30 million a month. Any one who want is interested to partner or invest to this profitable business please email me to: or call 071-610-7109
  • Robert said on February 1, 2016
    Hello everyone, I am interested in opening a sport betting business, I need assistance on how to go about it. Please contact me on to help me. Kind regards, Robert
  • Moses said on February 23, 2016
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  • Seabelo said on March 10, 2016
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  • Jamal said on March 21, 2016
    Hello i am jamal from uganda where i have worked in betting for more than five years in the field of sales and marketing and i am ready to work with any company that is related in the same business for better performance and high ,I can be reached on 0771002038
  • stephen said on March 24, 2016
    His, my name is Stephen from Johannesburg South Africa I want to start betting business but I need someone whom I can partner with to kick start the business, and I can promise you business is booming in johannesburg.
  • barnabas said on March 28, 2016
    I want to start a betting business specially in Kenya, please can i get the software and hardware to run the business or can somebody please help me with proposal or a guide that can put me through. Thanks.
  • Sam said on March 28, 2016
    Hello, I recently just started a sport betting company in Nigeria, please i need a foreign expatriate to work with the company, most be ready to come to the home country of the company.
  • Sam said on March 28, 2016
    Hello,I recently just started a sport betting company in Nigeria, please i need a foreign expatriate to work with the company, most be ready to come to the home country of the company.
  • laone lesejane said on April 2, 2016
    hi... my name is laone, i'm sports management student and i want to start a sport betting enterprise real soon, i need help in knowing the basic requirements for such, i'm in botswana
  • Vivian said on May 14, 2016
    Hello, Am Miss V from Nairobi Kenya and I want to start a sports betting company. Basically am looking for a partner and someone who knows more about how much capital one requires and how to go about it in license and all. Feel free to email me your proposals on Looking forward to working with you.
  • Gbenga said on May 22, 2016
    Hi I am joe will love to start up a betting company , in johannesburg RSA I am available to be contacted in
  • Gad said on May 28, 2016
    Am gad from Rwanda would you kindly help me to know how much it cost to start that business. 0726611550.
  • Ferdy Abuci said on May 29, 2016
    My name is Ferdy and I have over 5 years experience in sports betting business. I work with the best company in the industry, SB betting and our betting platform is the best,works with Java. My email is
  • Edrine beginner adviser said on July 21, 2016
    starting a business in any country needs thorough search better to start with a small business then go to a dream business thereby you have to first register a company. start small see how business moves then spread to your dream business to avoid loses for any business registrations within Uganda trading license ,visa processing, best commercial locations , best employees, trading license processing , residential or hotel bookings , within Uganda don't hesitate to reach me on , +256772911862 || +256772911862 || Business Consultant

  • James expert adviser said on July 23, 2016
    @Edrine, Congratulations!! You are promoted as a business consultant here. Looking forward to help people from Uganda.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Henry said on August 30, 2016
    I would like to start a sports betting in Zimbabwe how could I get the softwares. my email is
  • kakande Edrine beginner adviser said on October 1, 2016
    @Henry write back to me I can't see your email

    +256772911862 || Sports Business Adviser

  • Luthando said on October 1, 2016
    I'm in South Africa. I want to start a sport betting business in my home town. I have been making a lot of research about the business. Now I need some guidance especially with registering my business. Email:
  • kakande Edrine beginner adviser said on October 16, 2016
    Hello Luthando it's my pleasure to get your request first of all I need to know which kind of business do you need to register as in what it involves, is it a company or partnership or just getting the legality of starting a business. secondly let me know where you need to establish your business in terms of locations or state then I will be in position to advise you accordingly. always excellent service guaranteed just lean on me or email me to or what's app me on +256772911862 available 24/7 7days a week

    +256772911862 || Sports Business Adviser

  • Rasto said on March 30, 2017
    Good day, How do I start my own sport betting? I also want to start a shop. Regards Rasto
  • fortune Edrine beginner adviser said on April 1, 2017
    @Rasto nice to hear from you it's hard to start a single shop as license granted by lottery board allows you to open shops anyway only that each agent shop you open from the main branch you pay in some little money unless when you want to run your own shop you can buy franchise from already existing shops you be come an agent for in shop then follow the terms and conditions of the agreement though I rarely advise clients to go for franchise unless after though search about who is selling you that franchise

    however what you have to know like in Uganda opening up a sports betting shop you have to be with 500 million Uganda shillings that is 142,858USD and this money is deposited with your bank as a security deposit in case you default on taxes or paying winners then automatically it's deducted to pay them by lottery board this money varies according to nations then from each main shop another shop you open it's called an agent shop you pay 1million Uganda shillings which is 286 USD but also varies to nations so rasto you can either go for franchise or opening up your own shop existing betting businesses sell their franchise of each shop between 25,000,000-50,000,000 Uganda shillings that is 7142-14286USD note I take 1USD =3500. Uganda shillings though the above is not so much different from rates or fees from other African countries.

    Sports Betting Business Adviser

  • Ivan Peric said on April 1, 2017
    @fortune Edrine, I sent mail to you. Ivan Peric
  • @ivan said on April 2, 2017
    Ivan thanks for checking in i received your email and hope answered you accordingly
  • samir said on April 13, 2017
    hie everyone, i'm planing to take start sports betting franchise, but the problem is i don't know much about the sports betting can. you please suggest me which franchise should i take...please contact me on whatsaap right now i'm in india so please contact me on whats aap my number is +91-8806056700 and my email is thank you so much for your advice n support
  • Koollife James said on April 22, 2017
    From Gambia anyone investor interesting in Sport betting Gaming business in The Gambia should contact me on +220-7337161 or or Thank You
  • kakande Edrine said on April 24, 2017
    @Samir when you read my response to Rasto you will get an idea about your interest
  • Collen said on May 10, 2017
    I would like to open an online sport betting and lotto bookmaker in South Africa. I am looking for an investor.
  • Okwi said on May 27, 2017
    Am okwi from uganda, looking for any existing betting company to work with as an agent in eastern region of uganda, am ready to pay all whatever it involves to become an agent for that company if terms n conditions r taken.
  • mikael johannes said on June 5, 2017
    i Mikael j, i am looking any one who is interested to invest in a betting shop in namimbia i need a pattern from anywhere in the world . or anyone who can advise me how to start or to get a sfotwire. please feel free to contact me on my Email, cell:+264814405787
  • Eduwardo Develo said on April 27, 2019
    Hi, I am from Namibia I would like to start my own online betting shop. Please advise.
  • Prince said on December 30, 2020
    HIE ,i have been doing research about how to acquire a betting license but am not coming out right , am based in Germiston (south africa ) could anyone please assist me . cell:081 3792 920
  • Nelson said on October 16, 2021
    Hi All, Has anyone based in South Africa who posted their question here gotten any feedback or direction regarding the sports betting business?
  • ELLY BANKS said on June 17, 2022
    Am elly banks .plz just let me know how I can start up a betting business in Uganda and how much it can cost me
  • kakande Edrine said on August 3, 2022
    @Elly Banks, kindly write to me via email or what's app for more information at +256772911862


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