How to Start a Sports Handicapping Business

A sport handicapping is the ability to choose the winning team by point spread system. A handicapper should choose 52.38% winners only just to break even. According to a popular website, any higher percentage that considered profit is good.

The money made in a sports handicapping business is generated through subscriptions to its service.

Web Domain

The first thing you should do is to buy an internet web domain and make your own site. You may visit other sites to have an idea of the information you need and the information you need to post. Most of the sites in the internet would feature the sports odds, personal biographies and sports related news. Try to choose a good name for your service. Try to make it catchy and very much easy to remember. This tactic is called “name recall”. Through this, your potential clients will easily remember the name of your site and they can easily look for you and do business. It is important that you know this so that you will not have a hard time marketing your business. Marketing and branding your business is the key to build a name in the market and earn recognition from potential clients.

Do Some Research

Do some research on your business and make it to a point that you join different sports monitors. This will let you enter in their selections based on odds found in their sites. The selection would be graded after the night of action is done. There are some services that would give grade on the actual moment of the game. Through this, they can easily grade the said game. Remember that the sooner you get the names listed on their system the sooner you can promote your own site and services you offer.

You should visit as many sports forums as you can and try to search for the gambling section. These forums give the handicappers the chance to post on their sites their own insights. You have to be professional on the posts you make and do not put yourself into sparring wars. You will just ruin your reputation and through this, you will definitely loose followers that would choose your site as their reference. Add a daily basis of blurb on your service together with a free game pick.

Sports Websites

You may use the sports websites for your search of information. These particular sites would give you breaking news, weather and other related reports that will give a big factor in your game selection. The importance of knowing other types of news like the weather condition is because it will give an idea on the worst case scenario that might happen to a particular outdoor game. It will help you predict the things that might happen on the game. And through this, you will be able to give a reliable grade on the game. News about the players can also make a big difference in the game so you should also put your attention on the news about the featured athletes on the said game.


  • Kerry Kowalenko said on December 1, 2013
    Las Vegas, NV, U.S. Hi there, I've never heard of buying sports franchises. I've never took the steps to starting this business but should've long ago. We will do the talking by winners. Not the typical guys who talk crap. No NFL or NBA. College basketball it is. We opened up with 50-12. Yeah I know whatever. Whatever is all the bs I've heard and everybody else. We need to get our foot in the door and get going and be a tremendous business. Any advice on getting this going? The proper steps. If so, much appreciated. Regards, Kerry
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