Starting a Sports Photography Business

If you love taking pictures, it would seem natural for you to make a business out of it. Working in a kind of business that you love would really be rewarding if you make time to plan for your work and business before you even click your camera.

A bit of groundwork on designing your sports photography business will help you spend lesser time doing paperwork and more time clicking your camera on the field doing what you really love to do.

Know Your Type of Business

Try to decide on what type of business you are going to run because this will definitely give effects on how you collect and pay taxes. There are many options. You may do the sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation, and other types of corporations as well as companies. Each of these types would carry with it different tax and debt obligations and liabilities so you have to meet with an accountant to clarify what these means for your business. It is much better that you are decided on what type of business you are dealing with. Through this, you will be able to prepare yourself and your business for future troubles and to comply with all the necessary things you need to comply with.


You have to examine the equipment you have to see to it if is ready for professional use. Sports photography is a fast action type of profession that would give you the opportunity to sit to the closest seat in the field because you need to capture in a close range the action that took place in a particular game. Test all the lenses you have to make sure that your camera is on the go and whether it can capture fast moving shots and if it is good enough to capture unexpected happenings in the field. Buy a camera that is really intended for professional use. It is more convenient than buying cameras that are only intended for personal use.

Back up

Since you already have your camera, this is not enough. You have the purchase for backup equipment. This backup equipment includes flashes, camera bodies and other needed accessories. This type of business is rough since you usually shoot in outdoor settings and this means your cameras and equipment are always at risk for damage and other related accidents for your equipment. Always think for the worst case scenario. Be aware of the things that happen in your surroundings to keep you prepared to leave anytime you have to. These cameras and equipment are your main source of income so you have to take good care of them to keep you away from further finances that would definitely affect your business budget.


Having insurance for your sports photography business, including your cameras and equipment would simply secure you from further unexpected finances and damages. These insurances would help you replace your cameras and equipment if ever they got lost or they were damaged in one of your shoots. In any type of business, insurance is always a great and big help for owners.


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