How to Start a Real Estate Photography Business

Do you have a passion for photography and architecture? Then the business which will truly reward and provide you with lots of money is the real estate photography business.

Reading this article, will empower your passion and motivation for venturing into this business.

Starting a Real Estate Photography Business

In the real estate photography business, you will surely have the chance to apply your know-how in architecture and passion for photography. With just simple shots, your photos will be featured in the most prestigious home and living magazines. In this business, you will surely get lots of bills especially if you will be determined and have the necessary business tools, equipments and gadgets.

In this business, the following are the requisites for you to be established as a legal business entity: proper equipments, business insurance, license and permits. Even if you are just still a small business, you need to take your business seriously because it will also take you seriously at the end by making a name for you in the real estate photography industry.

Next, you need to have to establish your business portfolio which is a very important tool for showcasing your talent and shots which can attract the attention of potential clients and magazines who would like to use your photos for their issue. This is a very easy task to do with the help of your family members and friends by asking permission from them to photograph their homes. This can be the jumpstart of your business.

Then, you have to approach the real estate agents because you will be able to present the packages you provide in your real estate photography business. Since competition is also high in this business, you need to make sure that you will not get left behind. So, the key is to secure that you have repeating clients. At first, you can price your packages at a low price but as you get established in the photography industry, you can soon raise the rates.

You also need to think of new ways on how you will be able to attract potential clients by simply over delivering on the real estate photography. You must put more emphasis on your actual product and customer service to get the loyalty, trust and confidence of your avid clients and potential clients to come. Impression is the word which you need to live by because this will also pave the way for you to convince the real estate agents in working for you in the long run.

As the real estate photography business gets tough, you have to continue in increasing your skills. With this, you will also be able to increase both your income and rates which will lead to your work satisfaction. By equipping yourself with advanced tactics in developing, editing, staging and lighting, you are opening new doors for your business.


  • Randy Derouen said on September 16, 2012
    I enjoy photography as hobby. Want to start biz. Please send info. Thank you---3373442482
  • hemanth said on December 27, 2012
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India. i will get the photos and help me what kind of photos ur looking for and to promote the same
  • olujimi Alabi said on May 20, 2015
    Am interested in starting this business, but didn't get the steps on how to start properly. pls could explain better to me. thanks
  • Helena said on July 23, 2015
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