Best Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers help farmers to maintain a healthy garden as well as high produce hearty plants. It answers all the questions that farmers raise regarding the proper growing of any crops.

Choosing the best organic fertilizer is quite tricky and need further research.

Myriad of questions are always in the minds of vegetable gardeners. The right choice of fertilizer is the common questions that most gardeners asked. However, this question is due to some facts that there are different options of fertilizers as well as the mode of application that make gardeners confused and doubtful. If you want to grow plants organically you should use organic fertilizers. Yet, you should still be confused in choosing the best organic fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizers

Compost is one of the best and commonly used fertilizers by many gardeners and farmers. You can easily make compost even in your own backyard as you can find the things to be included in making compost. Vegetable peelings and other yard refuge are the common things used in making compost. After you have made the compost you can then mix it into the soil prior of the planting period. Likewise, you can also add some after the plants are established. The good thing about this kind of organic fertilizer is that it improves soil health, beneficial to microorganisms and increases the activity of earthworm in the soil.

Other types of organic fertilizers that you can use include compost teas, herbivore manures, fish and seaweed emulsions and vermicomposting. These kinds of organic materials can be find in your house that is why you have no reason not to use it. All it takes is a little effort in making the organic fertilizer. Manures of different animals that fed from grass such as horses, cows and many others are great for making organic fertilizers. Typically, you will just add the animal manures with straws and hays and let it compost. However, you should let it stand for nine months before using it in the garden. In like manner, soil nutrients can be easily improved by using kelp fertilizers. This is an organic fertilizer in liquid form that is mixed up with water. You will use the solution in watering the plants.

Commercial Organic Fertilizers

Aside from the home made organic fertilizers, you can buy commercial organic fertilizer. There are many companies that produce organic fertilizers that are also made from natural sources. These fertilizers also help in maintaining a healthy vegetable garden. This is much better than using commercial fertilizers that can kill the nutrients in the soil. Keep in mind those crops grown organically benefits our health. This means that crops grown organically are safe to eat because there are no harmful chemicals added on it. That is why constant eating of organically grown crops is good for your body and health.


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