Power Coating Business

Considering a power coating business needs careful planning and consideration to make sure that it will be a 100% success. But the greatest factor which will provide you more clients and bills is your know-how.

By digesting this article, you will have a great chance in knowing more techniques to empower your power coating business.

How to Start Your Own Power Coating Business

This business is designed for metals especially if they will be heavily used. Power coating is a process which is known to give a tough paint coat that has a scratch resistant nature. Today there are several companies which only have specialization in parts production but lack the ability of power coating all their products. With this, there is no doubt that power coating is a very profitable business because of its high demand among consumers. To get started, the following tools and equipments are what you need to purchase: safety equipment, degreaser/solvent, curing oven and machine powder coating.

Ways to Start a Power Coating Business

First, you have to assess the amount of the business you intend to do. If you own and run your metal business shop and you need to contract out powder coating, you need to know the approximate volume that must be produced every day. In this business, you will just notice your growth if you can perform excellently your entrepreneurial tasks every day.

To get everything done, you need to buy a cost-effective but high quality powder coating machine. Aside from that, you also need to decide whether you will choose a small or a large one depending upon the expected volume production daily. You also need to consider the parts volume you are expecting to produce.

You also need to choose a curing oven which you are confident enough to meet all your business’ needs. Of course, the size of what you need to purchase will also rely on the amount of parts that must be produced. If you only target small parts, then you also need to get a small one. The moment you started producing large parts, you already need to have a larger oven.

The next step you need to take in this business is setting up the workspace. In this space, you have to seclude an area for the parts to be cleaned with a specific solvent bath. It is a kind of element which has degreasers designed to clean the dirt and grease off the produced part. This is just a very simple process. Next, once the parts had already been cleaned you need to find a place for them to be hanged. For this certain purpose, you have to set aside 200-400 square feet.

The marketing and advertising process is the one which you need to focus your attention to so that more clients will trust and check out the service you provide.


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