Starting a Powder Coating Business

Powder coating business is a good business. Powder coating is very advantageous to homeowners and business owners as well.

It is very friendly to powder coaters, customers and end users, as well as to our Mother Nature.

Introduction to Powder Coating

Metals that will be used heavily must be powder coated instead of painting them. Powder coating caters a strong coating that is very scratch proof. This is very important when developing parts that will be of extreme usage. There are lots of companies today that produce parts however, not all of them have competence to powder coat their produced parts. This is the reason why powder coating is a potential profitable business.

Ways to Start the Business

First is to assess the business you are expecting to accomplish. If you don’t have any idea on what to do first, it will be best to start small and gradually increase your business. Then, buy the machine for power coating. Consider that volume of the parts that you expect to develop. There are powder coating machines that are capable of coating thousands of parts each day, but if you expect a few hundred coatings a day, a small one can do the job. For smaller workspaces, small machines are ideal because they are portable and easy to manage. As the business grows, you can just add larger machines if needed.

Purchase a necessary curing oven suitable for your business. Set-up your working area and allot a 200–400 square feet space for cleaning parts or for the solvent bath cleaning and the hanging of parts that are cleaned. Build an enclosed yet ventilated space near the machine for the painting of parts. Follow safety regulations on how this area must be built. Create your workspace as conducive as it can be so that workers can work in safety. Follow the OSHA standards and the powder coating safety guidelines. Consider all the safety precautions that you must take in this business. This is both for you and for your workers too.

Last but not the least is to advertise your business. Tell people that you have started a powder coating business and you have the ability to do the job satisfactorily. You can acquire individual clients needing a customized job and when the business reach large clients, they may even give you work for large amount of parts that needs to be coated. Do a quality work and start building your reputation because this will be the start of your business. Do not limit your work locally. You can acquire job from other small towns’ metal shops that require outsource of powder coating job.


  • sebastian Groep said on May 28, 2013
    Good day I'm Sebastian Groep I'm a 31 year old I'm a qualified Powder coater I've been in the trade for the last 14 years I really wane start my own business I'm already registered for almost 4 years I've got a CK I don't know how to start I don't have funds but can do a perfect job I'm in Cape Town Western Cape my address is 136 Carnation street Uitsig 7490. please give me some idea of how these need to be done. I still need to go and register at Sars as well get back to me as soon as possible this is my number 0790924327. Enjoy ur day God bless!!!!
  • jeannette dierksen said on December 10, 2014
    hi i'm jeannette dierksen my husband is looking to start a powder coating business. he is a retired truck driver and needs to find something to do and this is what he would like to do if u have any info u could send him on how to get started it would be great. we are in ny our address is 766 howell rd port byron, ny 13140 thank u and hope to hear from u soon
  • theo said on February 11, 2015
    Hi my name is theo and j have the capital 2 start a powdercoating plant but what steps do i take before i actually set up the plant?
  • Ray said on September 26, 2017
    Hi, please send me information on what's required to start up a powder coating business. Equipment, staff, product, finance, etc.


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