Why Buy a Franchise

Many people are interested in having their own source of personal income, more often than not these people will consider buying a franchise.

There are many franchises open in the market to suite specific needs and all it takes is a little time and effort to track these options down.

The idea of the franchise is to integrate a company’s business model into one that will build a chain of its stores under one trademark or brand, wherein though under independent management, will still follow one specific origin. The franchisor holds all the major decisions of the company, wherein the franchisee’s under his belt will follow suit. It is with the franchise that we are able to experience a system that caters to our need to experience our own independent source of income under a fully serviced system. Fully serviced in a sense that everything we need to learn about managing the business will be trained by the franchise itself, and the fees of which are all inclusive of the franchise.

The franchise does not only provide training alone, but at times will also be able to cater the materials and equipment necessary for the business. Depending on the type of business the franchise supports, there are several other factors that may be inclusive of the franchising fee, depending of course on the franchisor himself and what he deems as important and necessary in the franchise deal. The franchise deal or agreement may also be negotiable as there are certain aspects of which that may be adjusted and discussed accordingly so it’s always a good idea to try and see if they can meet with your suggestions before signing.

Other factors included in the franchise are the initial and ongoing support. Unlike the training, the support is provided when the company or business has already been established and is in operation. When an interested entrepreneur applies for a franchise, this person is not always one that qualifies with enough experience. Then again this depends on the qualifications the franchisor sets to accept applicants. In this case franchises supply support to their chains of stores through continuous communication and training, and at times the issuance of a special support team that will help the franchisee with certain issues involving their operations. Ongoing support may also be in the form of hotlines, email and snail mail newsletters, conventions and trainings etc.

Franchises, following one specific trademark or business backbone, usually fall under a unique and specified marketing and advertising system. This will also help the franchisers since even if they do not hold their own independent form of marketing and advertising; this is already being brought about by the main company itself, making it easier for these small chains to gather an audience. Plus the fact that the franchise itself has an already established reputation which all the chains of stores will have the advantage of initially and do not need to build popularity and clients from scratch.


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