How Did Industrialization Contribute to City Growth

Are you wondering of how did industrialization contribute to city growth? Industrialization plays an important role in the improvement of the cities all over the world, so if you want to learn more things on the contribution of industrialization to city growth, we have prepared some significant details in regards to this topic

As a student, maybe you are wondering on the big role of industrialization for the improvement of cities in all parts of the world.

And if you’re a businessman, you might also think if without industrialization maybe you are not enjoying the benefits it brought to all the businesses in a city today. Let’s take a short history about the start of industrialization that results to the development of the economy of every nation.

Historians defined industrialization as the change in social and economic environment in a certain society that transforms it to become an industrial one. Industrialization is the root of modernization where due to the discoveries of industrial machineries and equipments of which people learn to use it to make their works much easier than before. Industrialization also introduces to the world the new technologies in modern farming and the birth of the industrial factories for greater mass production of goods and products. Although the industrialization started in the Western Civilization particularly in Great Britain, but its effect had been spread in other countries in Asia and other parts of the globe.

The Impact of Industrialization to City Growth

There is no exact year when industrialization actually started, although some historians say that it might begin in the year 1760s when the steam engine was widely used in the western world. But the impact of industrialization had been felt tremendously during the 19th and 20th where the population of the world started to boom and people are looking for best ways to improve their agricultural production using modern equipments and machineries. This also led to discoveries in modern farming that increases the food production. There’s a widespread of inventions and innovations and people started to build modern buildings. Entrepreneurs also started to make use of the factories and they transferred to cities to conduct their businesses. This resulted to the growth of the cities and the rise of modern businesses that most entrepreneurs are enjoying at this time.

Because of industrialization, transportation has been improved which is very essential in transporting the goods and services to other places in the cities. Commuters can now easily take a ride into their respective jobs, too. Tractors are now used in cultivating crops and there are big ships used in fishing. Big trucks can accommodate heavier loads and big planes can bring a lot of travelers into the different parts of the world. Governments had created strong business policies that serve as a guide to all businesses. To sum it up, industrialization is the big factor of the success of all business on this modern day.


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