How Much Does a Fishing License Cost

Is fishing your most favorite hobby? Then you need to know how much a fishing license costs in order for you to enjoy it to the limits.

In this article, you can discover the amount of money you need to spend just to obtain it.

If you are indulging in fishing because it is the one that satisfies you, the thing you need to obtain is the license in order for you to enjoy fishing in other places and states. The succeeding paragraphs will explain you the things you need to do in getting a license.

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost

The best place in the world where you can enjoy fishing the whole day is in Florida. It allows you to perform several fishing activities such as in offshore for grouper or tarpon, in ponds, rivers and lakes as well. If you are living in another state, you don’t have to worry because the process of acquiring a license is just so easy. You can get it by simply visiting the website of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission which is You can also call 888-FISH-FLORIDA to get a license code number.

So how much does the license cost? Since you are not a resident of Florida, you need to get an annual non-resident freshwater license amounting to $47.00 if you want to try freshwater fishing. But that was in the year 20101 so to get the newest update on costs, you need to inquire on the given website. Now, if you just want to spend three days for your fishing activity, you can get a license for $17.00. If you are planning to fish for one week, you can get the license for $30.00.

Do you prefer to do saltwater fishing? Then what you need to get is the annual saltwater fishing license which also costs $47.00 just the like the first license mentioned. The price for the three-day and seven-day license also cost the same. But since it was only for the year 2010, you need to check with the to know some changes in pricing.

There are also special permits and tags. For a snook fisherman, a snook permit will be required. This is just a very affordable permit amounting to $2.00 which can be directly purchased at But on July 1, 2010, its fee increased to $10.00. Now, if you want to try tarpon fishing, you need to obtain a tarpon tag amounting to $51.50.

The license is very important for your fishing activity to be legal. The amount that you pay for it goes to the maintenance and conservation of Florida’s saltwater and freshwater fisheries, better law enforcement, public education regarding the state’s fishing resources, and improvement of the fish habitat as well.

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