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We define grant as the money that is given to an organization or individual. This grant doesn’t need to be paid back if the said contract is followed. It is usually used in different ways. The most common is by means of funding a certain project or services. The most vital thing to keep in mind when we talk about writing a grant is to ask funds on the project that you are only qualified at.

Remember, your project should correspond the objective of the association that will provide the money.

There are many grants that are given to different organizations every year. This grant makes the projects, programs and services possible for the organizations. With no grants, most association may not exist.

Three sources of grant exist. This includes sources from foundations, from government and from corporations. Funds that came from foundations are used to give funds to individuals or organization to make them reach their objectives. Grants that came from government sources are obtained from federal, local governments or state. These said grants are sometimes the biggest in quantity and are at the top of the competition. This makes this grant hard to obtain. Grants that come from corporation are called corporate grants.

Now the first thing to consider in writing the grant is to how long it will take to write the grant. Generally, government grants needs a longer time to make while corporate grants only needs a concise proposal letter. Foundation grants can either be the two. And when you want to write a full proposal, you ought to anticipate that you will spend a few weeks just for searching your topic, another week for writing it and another one for the editing.

After planning your time frame, it is now time for you to write the grant. Some people think that they have no skills in writing a grant, but if you are skilful in writing, can search about your topic and you can express your intention for obtaining a grant, then you are equip in writing one.

The first thing to do in writing a grant is to state your missions or objectives. You must keep in mind that your mission or objectives must match up with the mission or objections of the organization. This makes it easier for the two of you to work together. When you reach your goal, the organization reaches its goal as well.

Another important thing you must keep in mind in writing a grant is for you to research properly. Many proposals have been rejected because the proposal doesn’t match with the organization’s criteria. First thing to consider is if your reasons for applying a grant match the criteria given by the grantor. If it is match, then you should continue writing. If it’s not, then you should consider looking for a new funding source. When you have found one, the next step is for you to know what type of proposal they accept. You may send a letter of inquiry, call a grant officer or just write a full proposal.

The last thing to consider is that you follow the layout of your funder. You must write clearly and avoid errors. Make it a point that you state how your objective benefits the funder. And before submitting your proposal, make it a point that you make some people review it.


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