Grants for Women Starting a Business in Florida

If you are a woman from Florida and looking forward to start your own business then you might need a grant. Do you know all the details on various grants that are given to women for starting a business in Florida?

Through these business grants, women have given the chance to prove that they also have the ability to build a business just like in the men.

Beyond the criticism of the men’s business analysis, women have fewer skills in managing a business because of the fact that they don’t have the strength to do so. This conception has been opposed by the women and said that they might not have the strength as what men have, they still have more intellectual power to develop and improve a small business and make as one of the largest commerce in the world. Luckily, this statement is proved by women in Florida and is given a support through the business grants. Here are some examples of business grants for women who want to start a small business.


The SCORE has the most common women grants for starting a venture. This is an association that covers the national small corporation assistance programs that is funded in Florida by the grants offered by the United States Small Business Administration and Florida. This association manages five different centers in the city where women can simply assist in enhancing new business plans, searching loans, and performing for establishing a business. In addition to that, the SCORE also operates a volunteer mentorship seminar which matches reliable business volunteers to the newly-established business. It also offers Spanish-speaking translators when they requested.

Access Florida Grants

Another grant for women that could help to start up a new business in Florida is the Access Florida. This is actually a state-run grant that help women in Florida in the business financing. This grant provides low-interest and tangle loans for you to fifty thousand women who have restricted or no access to historical business financing. This association is popular to every woman in Florida. As a matter of fact, this association gained award grant money for the most outstanding written business plan. Due to this award, the Access Florida has been developed and improved the grants system in the place.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers Grant

The Procurement Technical Assistance Centers is a grant that is given to the women who owned business that want to work with the government. This aims to help women's businesses to develop and become legal business enterprise by the help of the Department of Management Services. In addition to that, the grant helps the women to get both federal and state government contracts.

Disney Entrepreneur Center Grant

For private program, the Disney Entrepreneur Center is the one of the best examples. This excellent grant shows how the private grants assist the women to begin a business. This grant provides regular class on building, financing, and managing a business. Most classes are provided at few or no charge and the business even encourages existing businesses in order to give free business services to the said center. Moreover, this center offers a centralized database of all chamber commerce and local municipalities which support small businesses in their communities.


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  • Unathi said on March 18, 2017
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  • thabisa said on July 31, 2018
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