How to Sell Your Business to Chinese Investors

Selling a business cannot be done quickly even if there are people who are willing to purchase it. That is because there are still requirements that need to be met.

However, there is an easier way that you can consider if you are having a hard time selling your business to Chinese investors - hire a business broker.

What You Should Do and Know

Just like with real estate properties, there are also professionals who can help you sell your business to investors. They are the business brokers. If you are going to use their services, it is best that you choose and ensure that they have the experience to sell whatever business type you have. You need to take a look at their record, ask questions and more. An example of question that you can ask is the number of businesses they have sold, specifically those that are like yours. Know their success rate. These are essential things you need to do if you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable person. To know more about them, feel free to go to their website. It is there where you could learn more information about the company or the business broker.

It is best to wait for the broker to tell you what they think the worth of your business is rather than telling that information to them. The professional ones are very capable of identifying this fact and the reason behind it. They will also show you comparable evidence to prove this along with the explanation of the why’s and how’s. You will know if it is time to look for other business brokers if they are not able to. If you are going to hire a business broker, you will need to ensure that they are genuine.

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What Business Brokers Do To Help Sell Your Business To Chinese Investors

It is known in the real estate industry that advertisement forms, including brochures, large display advertisements and sign boards are required to make a sale. But that is not the case with business sales. They do not use these forms of advertisements and the most common ones they use when necessary are newspaper advertisements. And if this is made, the business broker is required to prepare an advertising or marketing strategy as well as budget that include the incurred cost for the advertisement. This will go under the “pay as you go system”. These professionals, at most, only use a combination of direct contact with the prospective purchaser and this form of advertising. Direct contact is made through email alerts and telephone, which better gives them opportunity in selling a business.

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  • Dat Tran, MD said on March 28, 2017
    My name is Dat Tran, MD and I am a physician. I manage a turn key vitamin supplements and anti-aging skin care company. I am looking for a Chinese buyer. Can you assist? I am look for a broker.
  • Rea Anchores said on November 14, 2020
    Hi I have a business and several properties in Boracay, ElNido, Siargao and Manila and I would like to dispose of it. I am looking for a Chinese buyer and broker. Can you help me?


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