How to Get Investors to Invest in Your Business

Perhaps you have decided to start a business but what if you only have few funds in your pocket? It doesn’t mean that you will just scrap that plan, because there are some ways on how you can make your dream into reality via finding an investor that will invest into your business. Yes, it is possible that you can have them finance your business, as a return for that gesture they will get a portion of the stock or the sales of such company.

However, the journey on finding the right investor is not easy, so read on to know the techniques to attract them.

Business Plan

The first thing that you need to prepare before you contact or look for an investor is to write an effective business plan. This will be your guide on how your business will run. Also, this will help you determine other important aspects such as expenses, startup cost, sales forecast and other information that will get their attention.

Make Some List

Now that you have already your business plan, the next thing to do is to list down the names of possible investors. In this list you may add the people you know with enough capacity or money to invest such business and willing to gamble with your proposed business. They can be your family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and business owners. These people can also be your network on finding potential investors.

The Internet

The internet is one of the most powerful tools these days that can be a great source of information. There are several investor websites that you can find over the internet, wherein they are willing to provide assistance or to invest on startup business like yours. They are also known as angel networks and ideal for business starters who don’t have the network on contacting investors personally.

Investor Presentation

Once you have already found your potential investors, it is very important to make an investor presentation. In this method you need to compile a pitch or speech to present the idea for your business which includes the product or services you want to offer, the cost needed for starting such business. Make sure to convince them that there is a demand for that item or product. You need to provide your vision in the succeeding years of business. When you are contacting possible investors, it would be nice if you can set a time and schedule for your presentation.

Agreement between the investor is very important once you have sealed the deal. This can be prepared by the assistance of a lawyer and make sure that all the agreed conditions and agreements are fully understood by both parties.


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