Types of Brainstorming

Brainstorming was made possible to enhance our mind. It connotes different strategies and thus provides a deep analysis.

This article explains further the types of brainstorming.

Brainstorming is process of a group using problem solving techniques. It involves a group of individuals. Exchanging ideas is one way of solving the problem. It is just a matter of extreme analysis to every problem.

Identifying Types of Brainstorming

It is said that brainstorming is very hard to do. In this activity, a group of individual exchanges their ideas. All the ideas will be collected and soon finally be formulated to get the best suitable solution to the problems. Brainstorming is usually done in a school activity. Every individual is obliged to share some thoughts to the particular problem. As a result, the more ideas they generate, the more chances in attaining the best solution to the problem will be. The prime reason why this brainstorming exists is that it helps individuals enhance their mind and make them excellent in the problem solving matters.

For further information, brainstorming comes in two types. First, is the so-called brainstorming with a sticky note and second, brainstorming with a recorder. The latter involves a sticky notes that used by the members of the group. It is in a summary form and easily seen by the viewer. In contrast, the second needs a team leader to catch up all the ideas of the members and is responsible to write all the information to the board. Based from the above information, full participation of every member is a must. They must cooperate well for them to solve the problems in a short period of time.

Success of the brainstorming varies depending upon the factors they have made. All the ideas given by the members must have a supporting judgment. Through this, they can create a new reliable solution. Moreover, all the members engaged either with the two kinds of brainstorming must always prepared. Before the activity begins, their mindset must be ready. Avoid unnecessary situation which can ruin the concentration of all the members. Since most of the brainstorming deals with the arithmetic questions, having an arithmetic knowledge also serve as an advantage to the members.

Brainstorming is not just an activity. To all the members of this brainstorming, it absolutely serves as a challenging situation which can eventually fasten their ways of thinking. In addition, members of the group may form a debate to form the best outcome. Brainstorming aside from being challenging is also enjoyable. Some of the organizers of this activity formulate humorous set up to those who failed to win. Therefore, even if they keep on analyzing just to solve the problem, at the end of the activity, there is a reward and sanctions to the losers.


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