How Does Free Agency Work

Free agency is considered to be something very helpful by many players. However, some does not know how does free agency work, which is a pity since this is slowly gaining popularity in the business field.

Knowing the things that are related to this would definitely be very useful for interested free agents.

For one to be eligible in a free agency, the player should have a minimum of six years in a league ad does not have any upcoming season contract with other teams. A player will be allowed to file for the free agency a day after the end of the World Series and must do it within a 15-day period. The former team of the said player will have the exclusive right on negotiations with the player in question within those 15 days, regardless of when they filed for the free agency. Once the said player already filed for free agency with the 15 days over, any other team can already join in and bargain with the player. The player can now sign a contract with any of the teams that he prefers not considering how small or large the offer is.

How Does Free Agency Work: The Truth Behind It

There are two classifications of free agents, Type A and B and not all are being rated. The basis for rating a free agent is their being a good player. Type A are players who are at the top in a league and right under them are the Type B ones. When one Type A player becomes a part of another team, his former team will be compensated with the pick during the first round draft and an additional pick between the second and first rounds. When a Type B player will be signed by the new team, the former team gets their compensation of additional draft pick between the second and first rounds. If either of the two types of player is subject for arbitration and the new team offers salary arbitration but they turn it down, they will become free agents again and the former team will be receiving just the same compensation once they sign with another team. But if there is no arbitration offered to the player but he still signs with the team, the former team will not be receiving any compensation.

Many people consider free agency to be something that ruins the baseball. If you will study how free agency works, you will find out that there are some truths in this. People say that free agent players will listen first to all the offers they have and then settle on the one that has the largest offer, definitely a sign of greed. Most of the players who were picked and developed by a certain team and then becomes popular will surely leave the smaller team to join a bigger one, making it difficult to keep some top players drafted by a particular organization. However, it does not happen all the time since there are still players who opt stay with their original team than join a larger one.

Hockey also has free agency but the reason why there are lesser issues is because they have salary cap. This is the way for giving the definite amount that a team can spend for a certain player in the duration of the whole season.


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