Gooseberry Farming

Gooseberry farming can be a very profitable venture. This is especially true these days wherein there are lots of gooseberry products being used.

For sure, you are one of those people who are excited to establish your own gooseberry farming in the future. But before you begin actualizing your goal, it is important that you are aware of the things you need to know about the said venture.

Proper Selection of Seeds

First, it is important that you select the most competent seed available in the market. The reason is that when you have chosen the most competent seeds or plants to cultivate, they can provide you with the best gooseberries you have never tasted in the past. There are packed seeds available for you. On the other hand, people can also purchase those seeds that have already sprouted. The entire option is all yours regarding which of the options available are perfect for your own needs. The thing is that ensure that you choose the most competent seed available.

Proper Location

If you are already planting the seeds, plant them on a place where there is direct sunlight. This is usually important because during its matured and flowering stage, the flowers usually get damaged when there is no access to direct sunlight. Most of the time, gooseberries are recommended in tropical places. This is very conducive for the plant to grow. On the other hand, the plant is being discouraged to be planted in cold places. However, you can also find a variety of gooseberries that can resist cold temperatures. If you want to try planting these seeds, it is best for you to contact agriculturists in your place.

Proper Pruning

In terms of pruning, keep in mind that your gooseberries should be pruned during the summer as well as in the winter. During winter, you have to make sure that the dead woods and parts of the tree are being removed. On the other hand, the summer shoots must be cut for about 1/2 up to 2/3 a bud. Ideally, it is important for you to wait before the bud has developed. This gives you idea on where to cut the weak shoots. Another reason is for you to determine the parts to be cut in order to direct the light to the buds of the tree.

Proper Thinning

Thinning is also important when you are cultivating gooseberries. Once you have harvested its ripe fruits, you will notice that there are so many small berries available. If you want to enhance the size of these berries, see to it that you thin them with approximately 1 inch apart. In addition to that, you can also perform second thinning for about 3 inches apart. This also gives you larger berries in the future. This is usually what most experienced and expert farmers do.


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