Federal Labor Law Poster Requirements

If you are trying to comply with the federal labor law poster requirements, it will not be very hard for you. You see, there are two options for you – getting the posters from the internet and the other one is getting the posters individually from the concerned federal state agencies.

When managing a business in the US, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill as owner.

What to Post?

The federal government requires employers to display certain OSHA, state, and federal labor laws in the workplace for all the employees to see or read. Today, posting such requirements is really easy with the aid of the internet. The employer can surf the web and look for these posters. There are third party companies that offer such service. You will simply have to look for these companies and once you find the one that charges a reasonable price, you can now place an order.

It would be best if you get the laminated posters. Even if these are more costly, the posters can last for a long time. Most of the posters are around 27 inches by 39 inches in size. The posting requirements may vary from one state to another so you need to do your research. If you purchase the posters online, it will only cost you less than $33 and it already includes the shipping/handling costs. The cost may vary among online stores so you have to shop around. If you live near the government agencies concerned, you can check them out.

Getting the Posters from Agencies or the Internet

Since employers are too busy in managing their business, they can just visit the official website of the federal agencies. Most of the posters are downloadable from their websites and of course, you should not forget the labor law notices in your state. The intended audience should be able to see the posters with ease. Place the posters at eye level where your employees can read them. The posters should be located in a convenient place where the readers can’t affect the flow of the business. Try to determine if your type of business falls under the specialized workplace as designated by the Department of Labor. The department usually has notice requirements that need to be posted in workplace areas and employer compliance is vital.

There is no need to worry about getting the posters. The two options available are enough for you to make the right choice. The fastest way to get the posters is online. You will not only save time but money and effort as well. Without living your business, you can download the needed posters. By getting the laminated ones, the posters are ready to be posted once you receive them. So, which option are you going to choose? Make sure that you comply accordingly to avoid legal problems.


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