Do You Have State Labor Law Posters

Businesses with employees are required to comply with certain labor law requirements, including putting up posters relating to employee rights. Are you wondering whether you are fully compliant?

Are you wondering where to get state labor law posters to hang in your place of business? We have a list of helpful resources.

Every employer with a certain number of employees, usually three, are required by both federal and state laws to post in the workplace, information pertaining to labor laws. The putting up of posters is part of the requirement of a business to be compliant with labor laws pertaining to minimum wage, insurance, disability, family and health leave, among others. The state and federal government requires the posting of this information not only as a duty on the part of the employer but to make employees aware of their labor rights and what they could do to protect that right.

Are you Complying with State Labor Law Poster Requirements?

So, if you are an employer, ask yourself: do you have state labor law posters in your business? Translated, it means, are you compliant with state labor law requirements? If no, then it is imperative that you find a way to acquire and put up labor law posters in your place of business. Non-compliance could mean penalties and it is not something that you would like to be spending on and putting on your books. And you should not be paying them as getting these labor law posters is easy. There are several resources from which you could get them even for free.

Resources on State Labor Law Posters

The U.S. Department of Labor and every state DOL provide a guide on these poster requirements as well as downloadable copies of these required posters. has a clickable link to the labor law poster requirements of every state., The Interstate Labor Standards Association are two other resources.

Downloadable posters be printed on standard paper sizes. But if you want to be spared with the hassle of printing, and laminating them, there are also poster vendors that specialize in doing all these for a fee. Included in the package usually is information on where to hang these posters – in areas where employees could see them often such as the cafeteria, the entrance and exit of the company. Elaws Poster advisor is a resource on what poster you need depending on the type of your industry and the size of your business.

A 400 sq. in state law poster could cost $20. You could save if you buy a combo of state and federal labor law posters. State labor laws vary often so it is important that you keep your posters updated. Some resources offer such updates through e-mail. You could avail of this service with a little diligence. For a fee, GovDocs can send them to you.


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