Free Federal Labor Law Posters

The posting of federal labor law posters is a requirement for every business that employs a certain number of people. Being compliant with this labor law requirement need not have to be difficult or expensive.

Federal labor law information can be obtained for free and reproduced for posting in the workplace. Learn the basics on how to do this from our guide.

Every business that employs a certain number of people is required by the U.S. government to comply with federal labor laws. These laws pertain to discrimination, equal pay and opportunity, and disability. And one of the things that they require is the putting up of federal labor law posters in conspicuous places within the company premises such as the entrance, cafeteria and exits. This is so that employees will be aware of the rights they have under the constitution and how to protect that right. Employers that do not comply with this requirement face a penalty for not being so.

And there is no reason for a business to be penalized for being compliant with federal labor law poster requirement. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. While a standard poster could cost between $20 to $30 from a poster vendor, there are also several resources that provide these for free. A business owner needs only to be resourceful enough to find these sources online and otherwise.

Resources on Federal Labor Law Posters

First on the list of course is The U.S. Department of Labor. The DoL does not keep the requirements or these posters a secret. It provides a guide on these poster requirements as well as free copies of these required posters. The posters can be downloaded and come in letter-sizes of about 16 pages for English (state and federal) and 14 for Spanish. Since there are no specific requirements on how these posters should look, businesses could reproduce these electronic posters in various ways. They could print them on computer printers or have large signs made of various materials and set up in strategic areas around the workplace.

Alternatively, a business owner could call the DoL at 1-866-4-USA-DOL or e-mail it asking for a printed copy as well as information on how to properly post them. He could also check with GovDocs for complimentary electronic posters that include information on where the posters should be put up, among others.

In order to be compliant year on and on, it is necessary to be updated of changes and additions to federal labor laws and poster requirements. You can do this by subscribing to free and fee-based alerts from agencies and companies that closely monitor such happenings. GovDocs do this for a fee. If you are keeping updates on state labor laws, doing this for federal labor laws is less expensive as federal laws do not change as often as state laws.

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