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The CFO Today franchise aims to assist small businesses to achieve their financial success.

CFO Today specializes in the Best Cost Producer strategy that is considered as one of the most innovative marketing systems.

The CFO Today aims to attract small business clients, providing them with the opportunity to benefit from professional payroll and accounting services at cheap and affordable prices. These services are inclusive of practical solutions that allow business owners to carefully monitor and control their finances. These computerized accounting services started in 1989 when John Harrison decided to offer his professional services to small businesses at affordable rates. It was initially called Accountant's Choice and was later changed to CFO Today. The CFO Today has been franchising since 1990, and is to date offering interested entrepreneurs the opportunity to partake in making a business out of providing affordable accounting services in the United States.

The CFO Today offers customized services that are unique to each and every business, aware that each business varies in term of finances and accounting. The pricing structure is standardized according to the business in terms of both complexity and size which makes it different from the hourly basis that most professional accountants base upon. The services are effective and simple to understand as they utilize an organized layout of preparing records, editing and coding. It is through their comprehensive business analysis that the CFO Today is able to directly tackle the financial and accounting concerns of the small business.

To open a CFO Today franchise one requires a total investment of $24,400 to $40,000 with an initial franchise fee of $24,000. The royalty fees vary and there is a renewal f of $4.8K renewable at ten years. If you are interested in applying for a CFO Today franchise it is important to register for consideration. First review the website, the company and franchising information and fill in the online Confidential Qualification report in which you must submit completely for an intensive review by the franchise team. Once your application has been accepted the applicant will be contacted from our office to discuss the details and training.

After training the applicant will receive continuous support through regular newsletters, accessible toll free phone lines, internet, regular meetings and conferences, purchasing cooperatives, field operations and evaluations. Marketing support is inclusive of ad slicks, the national media, regional advertising and co op advertising.


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