Cellairis Franchise

Cell phones are one of the most common gadgets that are being used by almost all people. Therefore, the demand for cell phone accessories is consistently very high.

If you are looking for possible business opportunity in the future, Cellairis franchise is the best option for you.

Even if Cellairis franchise is a very promising venture, if you do not know the things how to get the business opportunity, it will not matter. This article will provide you an overview of Cellairis franchise opportunity especially on how you can obtain one.

Securing Franchise Application and FDD

The very first thing you need to do if you are planning to get your own Cellairis franchise is to complete the franchise application form. See to it that when you fill up the application form, only genuine information will be supplied. If not, it will cause some problems in the future, especially when it comes to transferring the company to you. When the franchise application form has been secured, you should also consider meeting the other preliminary requirements. From then on, you will be given FDD or the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Meeting with FM

Once you have successfully submitted the form and secured preliminary requirements, there is a FM or franchising manager in your location that that will meet you up for an interview. During the said meeting, you get the chance to inquire about the following:

  • Discuss the process of application.
  • Throw some questions regarding the franchising opportunity offered in order to get in depth information about it.
  • Explore the franchise development opportunities being marketed to you.

Background Check

The next step is the verification and background check of the applicant. This is to determine if the applicant is really capable of running the business not just because he has enough fund, but because he has the characteristics that the company is looking for. Usually, the verification and the assessment is being conducted by FM. That is why it is recommended that one also contacts the nearest FM in their place in order to coordinate with the possible background evaluation that will be organized. Those qualified applicants who passed the background check can proceed to the next step.


For those who will pass to the evaluation procedure, the next step is the contract agreement. This is now the final stipulation wherein you can already operate your business sooner or later. Once the signing is done, the FM together with the applicant will look now for the right space where to settle the business. See to it that when you are already operating your business, you will do your best so that it will be productive. You do not need to worry because your FM is always there to help you.


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