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Adams Kids is the globe’s largest designer and manufacturer of children clothing. Therefore, franchising this business will provide you with a great opportunity to earn huge profit.

However, franchising this business entails a long process.

Due to the global popularity of Adams Kids and its world-class and finest products, more and more businessman are now deciding to have a franchise of this business in the different parts of the world. There are a few steps in order to ensure the success of your franchising endeavor. They are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Knowledge in the Retail Market and the Fashion Industry

Adams Kids does not just accept franchisees, as they want to ensure that their name will not be tarnished by any means. This is the reason why they require aspiring franchisees to have knowledge in the retail market and in the fashion industry. They are also looking for entities with excellent skills and experience in running a retail business. Apart from that, they also require aspiring franchisees to have the ability in choosing items from the Adam Kids that are appropriate for the children’s-wear industry.

Financial Capability

Adams Kids also require their franchisees to have financial capability in supporting the growth of a stable franchise business. Also, the franchisees must also have willingness in emulating the culture and brand of Adams Kids. They are also expected to profit within the first 2 years of business operation. Their profit margin will be at least 50%, which is subjected to the price positioning that is agreed for your own market and the import duty and freight rates.

Franchise Fee Information

As true to most businesses, you have to pay a franchise fee first in order to be eligible in franchising Adams Kids. The fee is equal to 25% of the landed price of goods in the United Kingdom. This attains a sales density of about £250/sq ft at United Kingdom equal rates. Please note that the average annual order of goods for 1 store is approximately £90,000-£120,000 based on a 1k square foot store per 93 m2.

Other Fees

You are also required to pay a 1 off fee for market entry depending on the growth and size potential of your market or territory. You are also expected to make a preliminary outlay of between £60,000-£100,000 designed for shop fitting. When you have already secured that needed fees, you will be given an agreement to exclusively operate in a market or territory for up to ten years. This agreement can be renewed by mutual agreement based on attaining agreed targets or milestones.

If you would like to be part of the growing success of Adams Kids, now is the right time to make a decision.


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