Canadian Home Shopping Network

There are many cable channels right now that offer home shopping. But are you reminded by Canadian Home Shopping Network that known now as the Shopping Channel? Read on and learn more about it.

When the invention of television set happened last century, most probably the possibility of the medium being the tool to sell and market to home viewers was far from its inventor.

What do you expect first and foremost from a television set but a media where it can entertain you after your daily grind in the office. But right now, thanks to the evolution of the way programming in your television set have developed, shopping through television is something already of a familiar reality for home viewers.

If you are a fan of this mode of shopping and living somewhere Canada then this brings us to the Canadian Home Shopping Network which is right now more popularly known as the The Shopping Channel.

Now let us trace the groundbreaking history of this channel and see how from a humble, sales pitching experiment that a cable channel like Canadian Home Shopping Network has been born.

The Canadian Home Shopping Network’s Connection with Home Shopping Network

One can look back as far as the birth of Home Shopping Network based in United States as the mother of Canadian Home Shopping Network. HSN way back in 1982 was founded by two home shopping pioneers like Lowell Paxson and Roy Speer. It was called then as the Home Shopping Club which was aired through cable channels such as Vision Cable and Group W Cable in Florida.

Because of huge success of this kind of TV shopping that runs 24 hrs a day and seen on cables and satellites in United States, Home Shopping Network needed to expand beyond its based-country. And that was the birth of Canadian Home Shopping Network. Being a sister network of HSN in Canada, the network was a success and later on bought by the Rogers communication group in 1987.

The Canadian Home Shopping Network under the Rogers Communication

What can you expect from Canadian Home Shopping Network under the ownership of Rogers Communication but a boom. This is expected since Rogers Communication is the biggest communications companies in Canada and particularly expert on wireless communication and cable television. Soon the Canadian Home Shopping Network was slowly dropped for a more brand recognition name The Shopping Channel.

What Canadian Home Shopping Network now offers to its target audience of women who stay at home is not just the possibility of buying through television jewelry and dresses but the opportunity too to buy them online.


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    hi, i just want to know about this business which i can improve my self with this business it will help for me and my family please give me opportunity. thanks regard ashok minia
  • gloria said on November 28, 2020
    i live in the U.S. Can i buy something on the Canadian Home Shopping Network with U.S. charge card and have it sent to my sister who lives in western canada?


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