Aeroponic Growing

If you are interested in growing plants and vegetables, you might want to try the aeroponic growing. This is a method that does not use soil or water (hydroponics). You will need to purchase or create an aeroponic system where you will suspend the plant.

With proper care, the plant will grow faster and will give you better yields.

What is Aeroponic?

If you’re interested in planting and growing plants but have limited space, you can try aeroponics. This method is similar to hydroponics and you don’t need soil to grow the plant but the latter uses soil. With aeroponic growing, the plant is hung inside a dark room or chamber and you will spray it with a solution that contains the essential nutrients needed for growth. You will surely enjoy growing various kinds of plants but before you try it out, you should be aware of the good points and the drawbacks.

If you love vegetables, aeroponic is the ideal method so you can get more yields. You need less water and nutrients. Urban dwellers love it because even with little space, they can harvest fresh veggies. You will need a sealed container that will acts as a reservoir where you will suspend the plants. To spray the nutrients, you will need a sprinkler system and pump. Everything should be kept clean to prevent bacteria growth. At some point, it can also be expensive especially if you hardly know anything about it. You see, you need to purchase the aeroponic systems which are a bit costly. Because of this, a lot of people turn to DIY systems.

The Systems

For the do-it-yourself systems, you will need fittings, PVC pipes, and storage bins. You will also need some accessories to grow the plants successfully. For beginners, growing plants without soil is next to impossible but once you’ve mastered it, you will be able to enjoy and harvest healthy vegetables. The method was developed by Dr. Franco Massantini and it is now being used by NASA and other scientists. The plants can grow fifty percent faster. Today, this method is usually used in space stations and visits to other planets.

With the growing population, the need for quality soil and water also increases. These elements can be preserved through aeroponic. This is a great alternative for areas with malnourished soil. It can be done indoors and outdoors. Use the internet to learn more about this efficient method. If you can afford to purchase the commercial systems, you can give it a try. You have to follow the instructions carefully since this is a new method for planting. The market for these aeroponic systems is still untapped and perhaps it would be best to try it out. Learn the basics and acquire the skills that are needed to grow plants in mid-air! Choose between DIY systems or the commercial ones.

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  • Dan said on January 29, 2012
    Hello. I am thinking of starting a small aeroponic business in an old furniture store that recently went out of business. Anyways, I was wondering if you could help provide me with some links to DVDs and videos that will help me learn more about the aeroponic method, the pitfalls, and how everything works. So far, I have read quite a lot about it, but I want to see something visually, so I can apply what I have read. I fully appreciate the time you take out to help answer my question. Kind Regards, Dan


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