Starting a Medical Equipment Business

Health is always given a high priority in all respects - Current generation is conscious of having a periodic checkups and maintaining sound health. This awareness gives an upper hand to the medical business and hence the hospital equipment supply business.

A medical equipment business is a good venture to invest on particularly because of the booming healthcare industry. Getting into a business that supplies home medical equipment and hospital medical equipment can be very profitable.

It is however essential that you equip yourself with the necessary know-how in marketing medical equipment supply for you to become competitive in medical equipment sales. Here are some things that you have to remember when starting a medical equipment business:

Choose a good location where people can easily buy medical equipment from you

The type of merchandise that you are selling is the ones that people will actually look for after a visit from the hospital or from their doctor. It is therefore a great idea if you choose a location for your medical equipment store that is near, visible, and accessible from healthcare establishments like hospitals and clinics. Being able to sell medical equipment supplies from these areas will allow people to easily see you when they are looking for home medical equipment or hospital medical equipment. People will also find it easier and hassle-free to buy their medical equipment supply from a medical equipment store that is near them or is very accessible.

Get the best deals from medical equipment manufacturers

In order for you to do well in the medical equipment business, it is a must that you price your goods competitively. This requires that you get the best deals from medical equipment manufacturers where you will be getting the supplies that you will sell in your medical equipment store. You can do this by contacting medical equipment manufacturers and telling them about your business. Most medical equipment manufacturers can provide special prices for medical equipment stores. Get quotes and ask about the possibility of discounts for bulk orders.

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Know what medical equipment sells best

If you have limited capital and you cannot afford to make every medical supply available for your clients, it is best that you know what particular medical equipment sells like pancakes, and which ones seldom sell. You may decide not to purchase medical supplies that do not sell well but you also have the option to offer your clients an order system when they need to purchase hard-to-find items. If you cannot provide every medical equipment brand for your medical equipment store, get your supplies from reputable and established medical equipment manufacturers because many people still prefer to buy medical equipment made by reputable manufacturers.

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  • alfonso arredondo said on July 30, 2009
    excellent advice. thanks
  • edithgriffiths said on August 12, 2009
    i need to know how to start a medical rehabilitation center step by step.
  • Yusuf Hassanali said on August 16, 2009
    I am Pharmacist and I am trying to start a medical supply store and I am looking for information and resources on how to start up medical supply business. Please help?
  • ARON ARANBAYEV said on August 18, 2009
  • projeet said on August 23, 2009
    How do I start medical equipment business from home?
  • carol Graham said on October 25, 2009
    I need info how to start a medical equipment business. i'm in the maryland area the license etc.
  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    First, let me post an introductory message. I have been a consultant in the medical equipment industry for 12 years. Navigating the regulatory mine filed can be overwhelming. My consulting firm offers start-up assistance packages with step by step guidance. I will attempt to offer some helpful suggestions for this journey. You are welcome to contact me directly at

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    @projeet - starting a medical equipment business as a home based business will be difficult. Most medical equipment is reimbursable through health insurance coverage and most home medical equipment "patients" that is the end-user have medicare coverage. Medicare, state Medicaid and most of your health insurance carriers DO NOT issue provider numbers or recognize providers that are home based businesses. Wish I had better news. Understand though if you are selling equipment for cash - go for the home based business - but understand that since you cannot offer the option to have insurance reimburse their cost, you will have a difficult times getting sales.

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    @edithgriffiths - can you provide more detail on this start up? A rehab medical equipment company is definitely a niche market that few undertake, but there are some specific regulations you have to abide by.

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    @Yusuf Hassanali - I have a number of clients that are pharmacy/hme (home medical equipment companies. You are actually in a unique position! The thing I would tell you is that - you cannot operate the hme side like you operate the pharmacy side. The billing for HME is NOT AT ALL like the billing for pharmacies! You need to decide exactly what you want the HME "division" to bring to your pharmacy. Often I am asked to go in and "fix" a struggling HME "division" because Pharmacy owners know the huge potential of this but do not know how to achieve the end result. From marketing to delivery. I would love to discuss this with you in more detail.

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    Now for those of you that are simply wanting to know where to begin...there are a number of land mines!

    First - do your due diligence and determine exactly what products you want to offer and their profit margins. Some products require more work and you have to keep that in mind - it slims your profit margins. Some product lines pay on a capped rental (kind of like rent to own) over a period of time and you are responsible for the maintenance as long as it is considered a rental.

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    Second - you must determine which payer sources you will be a provider for. Most (almost all) medical equipment companies are enrolled with Medicare and Medicaid and have private insurance contracts. Now, to obtain a provider number with Medcare you must meet all 26 supplier standards. The biggest, most labor intensive of these being - you must be accredited. There are a number of accrediting bodies but there is a minimum $2,500.00 cost and that is a REALLY low number. You must choose wisely! Most Medicaids are requiring this for new suppliers or will be shortly as well. Most private insurance carriers are requiring this to be considered in-network.

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    Third - know how to get reimbursed. There are a lot of different softwares out there. Doctor billing software is not conducive to medical equipment billing! Some software is expensive! Some are web-based. I have a strong opinion about the web-based programs. But I will respect what they do and offer and not offer that opinion here. There are billing services that can do your billing for you if you do not want to purchase software right away. Know what they are doing! Make sure what they are reporting to you is enough. Remember, they work for you. Be careful who you choose.

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 7, 2009
    Last - Know your payer sources rules! You must know how to be compliant. There are specific guidelines you must follow. Do not allow someone to tell you how it is done. Make them SHOW you in writing. Don't hire someone that can "run" your company and/or billing department unless you know that they are doing things the compliant way! Do not hire a consultant that just says "do it this way" and cannot SHOW you why! You - the owner - are ultimately responsible for what goes on in the company, so knowing the compliance and regulatory part of this business is imperative! Hope this helps! If you have any further questions or would like further assistance, again you are welcomed to email me at

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • Javier Juarez said on November 19, 2009
    Harlingen, Tx. Ms. Myers how can I get a hold of your start up assistance packages with step by step guidance? Please help. Javier
  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on November 28, 2009
    Javier Juarez - You may email me to get started. My email address is

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • lewis said on December 3, 2009
    I need step by step info on how to start a medical equipment business. Please contact me ASAP. Thankx
  • Mitch Tucker said on December 7, 2009
    Edison, NJ, USA
    I need to start a Medical Equipment Business. I need guidance from scratch to finish. How can you guide me. Regards, Mitch
  • Mike said on January 3, 2010
    Hi Deanna, I am thinking of buying existing DME business with Medical and Medicare provider number. Currently I am discussing with couple of seller in California. They will take joint liability until I get my provider number. Can you please guide me further in this regard. Especially with things to watch for during the buying business process. Thank You, manoj
  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on January 4, 2010
    Mike...please contact me directly. for further information

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • anthony said on January 8, 2010
    Hannover, MD, USA
    Deanna, I need help in starting up a home base medical supply business that specialize in wound care. Can you please help me get started.
  • Allen Parson said on January 10, 2010
    Is it possible to start a homebase business in Durable Medical Equipment, (DME), strictly selling power wheelchairs.
  • kathlyn Jadrosich said on January 11, 2010
    I need advice on starting a medical supply business out of the country. Do not need any info on medicare or medicaid or any other insurances. I just need general information on how to go about it. I am an occupational therapist from the WEST INDIES. THANKS
  • Alex Y. said on January 20, 2010
    Hi Deanna, thank you for all your inputs. What is your training includes? Is your manual adapted to the California’s laws? How much do you charge for your service? Thank you.
  • tammy said on February 4, 2010
    hi looking into starting my own medical supply business do not know what kind of equipment i can or cant sell to not have to go through the process of having to join the state board of medicine? where can i find this information and is it a hard process to go through if i had to or wanted to? thank you input appreciated
  • nazrul said on February 6, 2010
    Bronx, NY, USA. Dear Deanna Myers: I been reading your comment for a few days. I also been talking to one of the medical supplies store owner. I am asking him to tell me how can I start "the medical supplies store"?. He is reluctant to give me any kinds information. Please if you could help me I would grateful to you. In the mean time, I must tell you that I have been running my own discount/ 99 cent type business last 10 years. First 2/3 years I was doing well but last 5/6 years it went down so bad that now unable to pay my store rent. I am hurting badly, and therefore, looking to do something that might little rewarding. Also I don't know if this would help my previous experience, please let me know how can I start the Medical supplies business? Thank you for your help and advice. Nazrul
  • rupa said on February 6, 2010
    can u please give me a clear idea of the fuctionalities of a medical agency? and what actually a medical agency is?
  • John said on February 15, 2010
    Deanna Myers, Please let me know how can I get more information about your service regarding DME start up. Thanks
  • tumi said on February 23, 2010
    HI, i'm a radiographer by profession with no business background whatsoever, i'm looking to start a medical supply company, i've only gone as far as getting a CK1 AND A PROFILE, CAN u kindly assist me with the step by step from here, i'm in KZN, MARGATE. THANX
  • Kory said on March 13, 2010
    Hello Deanna - Thank you for all your help! I have sent you a email directly and look forward to hearing from you soon. It is great to find an expert willing to help. Its hard finding info on DME Start Up. Thanks again - KDJ
  • Jill said on March 16, 2010
    I'm interested in learning how to start a DME company and need step-by-step information on start-up. Thank you. Jill West Chester, PA
  • Adam A. said on March 21, 2010
    I own a DME company for around 10 years. It takes around 6 months to get accredited and get a new medicare number to start a DME company from scratch and begin billing Medicare. The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) authorizes any of 11 companies to use to get accredited by Medicare. They are listed below. If you are looking to break into DME sales. We may have openings for reps in various parts of the country. We specialize in wound care products. You may email me at -Adam
  • Kory said on March 31, 2010
    Thanks Adam, My Wife and I are both in the Med. field here in CA and have not gotten a replay from Deanna. Do you or do you know of a service to hire to help with the process of a new DME Start up? Thanks again - KDJ
  • lisa said on April 24, 2010
    For non-medicare billing such as PPO and HMO plans is a prescription required for facilities billing diabetic supplies that are legend items and be purchased over the counter? California location
  • sandeep sharma said on April 27, 2010
    To dear Team, I want to start my own Business in medical line like selling and supply chain. So plz guide me that where should i have to start my business, should i contact to any organization of branch for participate, plz guide me. Thank you
  • Lisa said on May 4, 2010
    I am in the state of NC and I would like to know how do I start a Medical Supply Business from start to finish in the state of NC. I look forward to any feedback or information, thanks in advance.
  • shanta subdhan said on May 5, 2010
    Hi, I am working at a Dr's office presently and we are ordering a lot of medical equipment for our patients. I would like to know if I could be that supplier instead. This would then be a home-based business, but I can put a sign outside of my house with a company name, and as a medical supplier. Can I become accredited and get reimbursed from the insurance co. as well. If so, how can I get started, please help me, thank you.
  • Mustafa said on May 6, 2010
    Hi, i own a medical transportation company in MN, and i was told that i can bill for medical supply, i want to know what kind of steps do i need to take from here,
  • Rochelle Gray said on May 21, 2010
    My business location is in michigan, I am looking for information on how to start a medical supply delivery service. Please help.
  • Nyree Letterlough said on June 1, 2010
    I would like some information on starting a medical equipment repair business.
  • kathy said on June 18, 2010
    Hi Team: I am a chiropractor in CA and want to implement a DME business with my practice. Please give me the advice of the steps I should do. how to look for the supplier with meet medicare for reimbursement. Do I have to be a insurances contract provider for reimbursement. Thank a lot. Kathy
  • Eli said on June 20, 2010
    Hello: My business is located in Katy Tx. I just set up the office and applied for license from department of health and human services. How do i enroll in the Medicare and medicaid networks and the Doctors networks? information on how to start will be highly appreciated.
  • sunny said on June 21, 2010
    My office is located in Houston as a DME supplier and i will like to know if i need to apply for NPI number through CMS in order to enroll in Medicare network and accreditation. Thanks . Sunny.
  • pat said on July 1, 2010
    @ shanta subdhan , could you contact me I have info on helping you selling med equipment.
  • sergio del angel said on July 8, 2010
    mission, texas, usa. i want to know how to open a DME EQUIPMENT BUSINESS can you please help
  • nazreen khan said on July 10, 2010
    hi, I am a chiropractor in Ohio and I would like to inquire about your services and want to open a DME business. Can you contact me. I need help on opening this type of business. I have marketing experience and a very successful chiropractic office and am looking to open a home based or warehouse based DME company.
  • bj said on July 12, 2010
    Hi, I want to sell medical equipment in china from a home base business, what are the restrictions. Thanks
  • Gwen Daniels said on July 14, 2010
    Hello, I am a RN in Georgia and i'm very interested in starting a DME home based business. Please help.
  • Chris said on July 23, 2010
    I am starting a lift company in Florida, I probably will handle two lines of products. I came from that industry and have many connections, anyone interested in helping out, please get in touch with me. I have a DME number through a shared associated but we plan on incorporating in Florida.
  • manish said on July 24, 2010
    hi, this is manish, i want to start business of distributionship of medical equipment in kalyan, maharashtra, india
  • benjie said on July 30, 2010
    hi my name is benjie i would like to start a DME business in florida can any one help me home base to start out with
  • benjie said on July 31, 2010
    I am in medical field for a long time and would like to start a medical equipment/machine business in orlando florida
  • Rosa Romo said on August 6, 2010
    Located in Orange County California and Austin Texas. I would like to start the process of investigating the medical supply and equipment business. I do not know where to start or what questions to ask, I only know that the economic trends show the medical field as a viable way to go for. Please contact me regarding your services. Thank You.
  • Mayla said on August 12, 2010
    Hi, I am an Registered Nurse and need advice on starting a medical supply business out of the country. I am interested to find out where to buy the medical supplies & what the rules & regulations are shipping them to overseas. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • SusanHelgren said on August 16, 2010
    need advice on beginning a medical supplier in Austin, Texas
  • MARIO MATUTE said on August 18, 2010
  • webo said on September 3, 2010
    Hello I am in medical transportation industry and want to change it to medical supplies rental or to become Medical equipment supplier so please tell what you think. god Bless
  • Fritz said on September 3, 2010
    My name is Fritz, I am contemplating about the medical supply business. I have a friend who has been very successful with his company and he just obtained his medicare license after two years of service. My question is, how can I get started without a Medicare license and with many insurance companies requiring contract for reimbursement? Also, are there many companies who reimburse to out of network medical supply business?
  • Mhizaki said on September 15, 2010
    can you tell me how much does it cost for all medical equipment that an hospital needs?
  • Victor Ilegbodu said on September 24, 2010
    Please I need your guidance to start a home medical care equipment supply and services. I am a public health administrator with no business background. I live in Chicago, Illinos USA. What are the basic things I need to be able to start a home medical care equipment supply and services. I want to be able to supply medical care supply for both chronic and acute illness, including rehab equipment and services.

    I can satisfy licensure requirements in my state to start a medical care supply and services. I have the physical space to use for the business, but lack the knowledge on how to go about obtaining the products and marketing them. Please help me! Thanks. Sincerely, Victor Ilegbodu
  • deveshpandey said on September 28, 2010
    hi i m a bpharm student & i m interested in my own medicine hospital supply business in india so i need information about primary investment & business plan & marketing strategy. Please help me!
  • najam said on September 29, 2010
    i m Thinking to start dme business can i open a company with my home address and then look for commercial space? and what other steps or thing should i get ready?
  • Rafath said on October 6, 2010
    Hi, I want to start medical equipment supply business, currently in Chicago, IL. Please let me know details.. Rafath
  • Jullia said on October 6, 2010
    Mobile, AL. I am thinking about starting a home-based medical equip business selling supplies for seniors, nursing homes, athletic trainers, midwives and doulas. Would you please tell me how to get this up and going. I have no knowledge I just learned this is a lucrative business and I want to start my own. PLEASE HELP
  • Fozia said on October 17, 2010
    I want to start a medical equipment or supply business in Orlando, Florida. I have an office space I use for accounting services. I need advise on how to get started. Thanks.
  • Bernie said on October 19, 2010
    Thinking of starting a DME business in California. Any advice?
  • qammar said on November 25, 2010
    hello, I am Qammar and i want to start a medical equipment supply business in Pakistan & other country if anybody want to medical related or some thing els plz contact me and some one advise me plz contact me on my E-mail or my cell number 092-300-5312347
  • Nathan Jacobi beginner adviser said on December 1, 2010
    Los Angeles, California. I am a principal for Prodigy Medical a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies throughout the U.S. I noticed the post and if I can be of any help feel free to reach out to me direct. My company specializes in helping those interested in starting a DME company as a distributor or wholesaler and I would be more then happy to assist. You can view our products at or email me at

  • Alan Myers said on December 14, 2010
    For all of you who are wanting to email Deanna Myers directly with questions, please email her @
  • Shelley Walton said on December 28, 2010
    Deanna,i must start out by saying wow i am Lucky! To come across This Web -site by Pure Chance! Jan. second day after Newyears I have been offered a partime job at a small ,but a Rep.Established, med store in CL LK, IL. The owner sent me home a couple weeks ago with a Med. Supply Magazine, also I've read his nice Web-site. I can not seem to get interested in learning the book, but Would REALLY like myself to although not much money, i thought if i could sell, i could get more Hours=$ so I'd really like a copy of Your; Of Your Teaching Manuel, book; Please e-mail soon give all info i would need for ordering, shipping, money$$$ Thank you so much looking forward from hearing from you Shelley Thanks again for People like You!!!
  • Tajammal Bukhari said on January 1, 2011
    I want to start the sales of medical instruments to overseas could you please give me your views
  • Angelika said on January 6, 2011
    NJ Area. Hi- I have a DME provider's number. But I don't have any business. I work in an area where a lot of Senior Citizens live. How can I get more business from Hospitals and Doctors offices. Please advise. Thanks
  • Joe Kadic said on January 9, 2011
    Hello, I'm a pharmacist who is planning on opening a pharmacy. Also, I'd like to offer DME services for my customers to assist them with their health care needs. Sac, CA.
  • Sneha Hotchandani said on January 27, 2011
    hi i would like to know regarding the various licenses required for starting a hospital in india. i m assisting in the hospital projects in a pvt. company who is into the business of construction. we are going to build hospitals. so i would like to know the requirements to be fulfilled and the licenses to be obtained for the above mentioned purpose. i'm from Pune, maharashtra, India.
  • Jenny said on March 5, 2011
    I want to start a medical equipment or supply business in Philadelphia of PA I have an office space. can you help to getting start?
  • James expert adviser said on March 6, 2011
    @Jenny, what you exactly need from me? Do you need help on registering your business or help for finding the manufacturers.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • latanya lewis said on April 1, 2011
    hi, i would like to start a medical supply business and i want to sell wound care, diabetes supply walkers, i live in chicago i dont know where to start can u give me the information on how to get started and what i need to open a medical supply
  • Juliette said on April 6, 2011
    Hi, I was interested in starting up my own DME Company and just dont know or have the resources to do so. I am already a medical biller and have my own company. I live in Miami, FL and already have a location for the DME in mind. All I need is some guidance.
  • RON said on April 13, 2011
  • sandy said on April 19, 2011
    business location georgia i'm interested in opening in a DME store and need help from start to finish need to know where to contact in ref to license billing medicaid/medicare just everything thanks look forward to hearing from you
  • Roni beginner adviser said on April 20, 2011

    Ron, there are many different agencies and based on what you are providing will determine the best one for you. I can help you, I would just need more information from you.

    Sandy, I can assist you with this process.

  • sandy said on April 21, 2011
    business location atlanta ga interested in starting a DME store need help from start to finish who would i get in touch with in ref to billing medicare/medicaid companies to work with in getting started thank you and i look forward hearing from you
  • Roni beginner adviser said on April 21, 2011

    Latanya, do you already have a location set up?

  • Joy said on April 28, 2011
    I have a home care agency in Georgia, and am interested in becoming a DME supplier. Does anyone know of any manufacturers that I could begin talking to in terms of supply. Thanks!
  • Ameda said on April 30, 2011
    Hi, I needed information on starting a medical supply company from start to finish. I know this is a profitable business because I have a father who is a nursing home and all the items we had to purchase were expensive. I also work for scientific distributor that sells various items including some medical supplies and i recently saw them meeting with a minority small business owner and knew right then they would not be wasting time with him if they weren't going to be making a huge profit from him. i want to open the supply company in gwinnett county about 30minutes outside of atlanta ga.
  • sabri said on May 8, 2011
    small business for transportation medicare how i start with patient
  • Victoria said on May 13, 2011
    Louisiana--HI I'm interested in being a medical supplier for hospice companies. I will not bill any insurance companies. That will be their responsibility! However, I need to know how to proceed with the business from start to end. Is it the same as a regular DME start up business or something entirely different? Please assist me.
  • gin beginner adviser said on May 26, 2011
    New Jersey, Hi I have been in the DME industry for over 25 years and it is getting harder and harder with the competition and all the requirements that are needed to be met through medicare, no fault , workers compensation etc... If you have the stomach to wait endlessly for payment then go ahead and start your businesses, but be warned it's not all roses on the other side! you may contact me if you have a question. For Angelika contact me if you are interested in selling equipment.
  • Kumar Rambhatla said on May 31, 2011
    Hi Deanna, I am thinking of buying existing DME business with Medical and Medicare provider number in Glendora California. Currently I am discussing with couple of sellers in California. They will take joint liability until I get my provider number. Can you please guide me further in this regard. Especially with things to watch for during the buying business process which is a Stock Sale & what is a Stock Sale & what to look for. Thank You, Kumar
  • Deanna Myers beginner adviser said on June 6, 2011
    @Kumar, there are a number of things to look for. You must be careful in how the buyout takes place. One thing you have to know is how accreditation and Medicare will look at this transaction. You may still be required to get new provider numbers and that could first jeopardize your status with Medicaid. There is a balance to the process. My first "warning" is that you can ultimately be held responsible for past if this isn't set up correctly. If the current owners have not been compliant; you cannot separate from that through some buyout processes. So, do your homework and audit charts for compliance. Next, regarding the seller; does there reputation proceed them or follow them. Cleaning up a mess is difficult at best in this industry and the work to turn around bad referral relations is hard given the competition. I, also, caution you in that a patient populous is great, but you have to look at actually paying customers. You may email me directly to discuss the specifics of what to look for. I do offer evaluation services. My email is

    Deanna Myers
    Medical Equipment Consultant

  • oratile seitshiro said on June 11, 2011
    country: Botswana (Southern Africa)
    am a young business person and my country has been having a shortage of medical supplies/pills/medicine for many years and basically this point has pushed me to want to start a company that supplies the government and private entities medicine..please generally help.this is an is time someone stepped in and am willing to go that extra mile
  • Steve P. said on June 20, 2011
    Westchester County, Bronx County, NY. I am very eager to obtain all the information, strategies, and procedures necessary to open a DME company in the bronx, and westchester area. I have capital to invest, and want to know how to get a medicare provider #
  • Shana Cohen Finkelstein beginner adviser said on June 23, 2011
    I am an R.N. director of patient services for a Home Health care Co in NYC,NY. I am constantly giving business to multiple DME vendors and realized that with my contacts that I have accumulated over 20+ years in the industry I am ready to take that leap. I have an interested partner who is a physical therapist who has many contacts as well. Let me know how we can avail ourselves to your consulting services.
  • Marlon said on July 5, 2011
    I would like to start the business in san Francisco bay area possibly expanding or moving to LA area. What would be your input on this and what wouldn't cost me to consult the business start up. Would like to provide rehab set up equipment for home and hospice equipment and oxygen. Thanks.
  • Carie said on July 12, 2011
    I'm in Orange Co. long to grow business? Senior/diabetes supplies niche business
  • Norman said on July 17, 2011
    Started a medical supply business in february and having problems finding suitable suppliers that work with new businesses. Need help in locating suppliers/wholesalers with decent pricing.
  • Nathan Jacobi beginner adviser said on July 20, 2011
    To all those who are interested in starting a DME business whether it is wholesale, retail or e-commerce, feel free to reach out to me. Our company has been manufacturing and distributing medical equipment nationwide for over 5 years, offering competitive pricing and sales strategies. If you need help or have questions, I am more then happy to give you my insight and assistance in any way possible. Regards, Nathan Jacobi,

  • neil jones said on August 5, 2011
    I live in te Chicagao IL. area and looking to start a med. equipment rental business.What amount of upfront moe is needed and how profitable is this kind of business? I read some of the other comments and they mentioned a provider number how can I get one.
  • k shankar said on August 10, 2011
    i would like to start marketing medical equipment consumables as there is lot of potential in India as there are lot of hospital project coming up . i would like have the addresses for various companies in the Field of sterilization,radiology and surgery
  • Andrea said on August 16, 2011
    I work for an Urgent Care facility in State College Pennsylvania. My employer would like to expand into durable medical equipment, and has assigned me the task. Can anybody advise me exactly where to start?


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