How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionist has been one of the most in demand jobs nowadays. The good news about this job is that it does not need for one to be a graduate of a degree which is related to medical practices.

This is because this job generally is keyboarding. Thus, if you are fast in typing reports, then you are suited for this kind of work.

  •  What Is A Medical Transcriptionist?

A medical transcriptionist, in general, is typing of reports from a dictation which was recorded by a health professional or a doctor concerning medical information. This is done with the use of a typewriter or a computer. Most types of the reports created and done by many transcriptionists usually include physicals and history, admission notes, operations, reports on the hospital discharge, office visits, and consultations. These are just some of the several reports that a medical transcriptionist performs. With regards with the dictation, it is done in a several ways. Recording the dictations in an audiocassette is only one way. Another is through the use of the so-called phone-in recording to analog system, or recording with the use of a digital system. When it is the digital system that is used, it will enable a person to send sound file just like sending any other kind of file in a computer.

  • Course Required

Medical transcriptionists are the people who play one big role when it comes to helping hospitals as well as physicians provide their patients the high standard of caring which their health needs. Thus, the general requirement of a medical transcriptionist is to be aware and know every bit of legal standards needed in applying to medical records such as editing the information for any errors in grammar as well as the proper use of the medical terms in their patients’ records. Another requirement for those aspiring medical transcriptionist is to undergo a training program. This is in addition to the diploma that you have received during your high school or your GED. The medical transcription training program must be completed before you can become a certified one. This training usually lasts for 6 months, others lasts for 2 years. Once you have joined one of these programs, the course work that you are going to take normally includes computer applications, medical terminology, English grammar as well as composition, pathology, physiology, and anatomy. You must also remember that if you have already the skills of a medical transcriptionist, it will not be enough. This is because aspiring applicants of this kind of job are also required to understand and comprehend the different medical terms, their correct spelling, meaning, as well as pronunciation. An experience on hands-on transcription is also needed and required.

  • Certification

Once you have completed your medical transcription training program, you can opt to obtain a certification. This is optional. However, it will be very much advantageous to you if you have one. A certification will be your edge to those who are also applying for the same position. In order to have this certification, you must be able to pass, with flying colors if you can, the national exam which is provided by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). With this exam, the efforts that you have exerted as well as the knowledge that you have acquired during your training program will be put into good use. Thus, your money was not wasted. And it will be fruitful once you passed your exam. It is only when you have passed exam that you are going to be issued with your title Certificate Medical Transcriptionist (CMT). The catch to this is that you must undergo continuing credits in education every three years in order for you to be re-certified.

  • Salary And Job

If you are wondering about the salary of the medical transcriptionist, it will depend on the geographic location, years of experience, educational level, type of employer, as well as the certification. When it comes to finding a job, you must remember that companies do not just hire anyone, they meticulously choose those who they think is capable of the position. This is why you it is beneficial for you if you have undergone training and you have passed the certification exam.

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  • pamela said on October 14, 2011
    am currently looking for a typing job as medical transcriptionist ,am a registered nurse currently at home and would wish to do some typing job.please give me some contacts.


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