Virtual Recruiting for Your Business

Gone are the days when employers and companies used radio, newspaper, and television in job advertisement. With the arrival of the Digital Era, you should know how to use certain online properties for virtual recruitment for your business, allowing you to find the right employees who have the skills and talents you need for your company.

Job advertisement in radio, television, and newspaper is already considered passe in this Digital Era when majority of the population, especially professionals and younger generations, are considering the Internet media as the main tool for communication.

And because of this new trend, companies can tap this new electronic media especially when looking for new hires who have the skills and talents that will help a business to achieve its goals.

Meanwhile, in order to conduct virtual recruiting for your business, these are some of the most effective strategies which can help you find the right employees for a certain position:

Check the social networking sites

Several studies suggested that a significant percent of US employers are using social networking sites like Twitter, Linkedlin and Facebook to have a glimpse of the applicants’ character and background.

According to some experts, the profile accounts in social network sites may be more real and transparent than the contents in the workers’ resume which usually includes things the employers would only want to see.

By tapping this online property, you can also get recommendations from customers and colleagues of workers who can give your company the edge in this stiff market.

Look at the blogs

You can read the blogs of people who may be the right candidate for your business. With these online sites, you can know if a person communicates well and have great ideas, or if he is only good in ranting about anything.

Use video-sharing websites

Video-sharing websites like YouTube and MetaCafe appeal to the younger generation. And to make these sites effective in the recruitment process, you can post a video clip that will describe your company and the new hires you need.

Create a company blog

There are countless of free blog sites such as Word Press and which you can use to promote your company and find new recruits. But to make these online properties more effective, make sure that these will have interactive features.

Join online classified ads

Online classified ad, which is a paid service, will send job offers to subscribers. And in this way, there is a sure way that you can target the right candidates for the job.

But since many companies are also using this service, it is important that you offer competitive salary and accommodating work schedule to lure the right employees.



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