About Biometric Employee Punch Clock

Nowadays people are getting an easy access to everything that life has to offer, thanks to technology. The technology has contributed a big part of everything that human being need, from communication to simple stuffs like entertainment. One of the greatest thing that technology has to offer people especially those who are running a company is the biometric employee punch clock.

Gone are the days when each and every employee are entitled to log in to a log book about the time of their work and the time of their end shift. Now biometrics is the one who take cares of all these information.

Biometric for businesses is important in order to keep track accurately with their employees' attendance and time clock. Old are the times when they needed to write their attendance using a pen and a log book. In biometric, in just a touch of your finger print it can easily tell the time you logged in and out accurately. Sometimes there are some biometrics who sensors the entire hand for it to record the logged in time and out as well.

Here are some important reasons why getting an employee biometric is a must:

  • Security can definitely be assured. Yes, that is definitely true; you won't only keep track of the time but also secure the entire working place from thieves, robbery or any unnecessary incidents. Your documents which are related to business are secured when you use biometrics.
  • It will easy lesser time than before. When you are running late from work, and you only have seconds, all you have to do is to tap in your fingerprint to the biometric and the time will be recorded that easily. Unlike before when you still have to write down your name, time and etc.
  • Accuracy is assured. Remember all people have different fingerprints. So no one can time an employee in if that employee is absent or late. This accurately stores the real time that your employee logged in.
  • No time will be put in to waste because all you have to do is punch the clock by the use of your fingerprint which only takes a few second of your time. It will lessen employee congestion at the entrance of your building.
  • It can lessen your expenses because you won't be needing pens and papers for your employees to write down their names and time of logging in. This will also help eliminate the papers in the payroll accounting department.
  • Time fraud can be avoided. No employee can ever reset the time of the biometrics. Buddy punching will then be avoided by your employees because they can't have your fingerprint right?!

Using biometrics for your business has a lot of benefits such as, payroll processing is automated, buddy punching can definitely eliminated, early punch ins will be eliminated, can eliminate the calculation of payroll, unauthorized overtime will also be eliminated and will accurately record the attendance and time to the human resources department and the payroll department as well.



  • Akinbami abiodun said on August 16, 2013
    What is the cost of biometric logging machine. from nigeria
  • firoz khan said on January 28, 2014
    Sir, I want to start a biometrics business. I want to know cost of biometric machine like that fingerprint, retina scanner, etc


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