Affiliate Product Sales Pitch Writing Tips

There are good and bad ways that a product sales pitch could go. If you are writing an affiliate product sales pitch, wouldn’t you want to do it effectively? If yes, then read our tips on writing an affiliate product sales pitch.

You’ll discover writing an effective sales pitch is more subtle than glossing over a product.

What’s the best way to write an affiliate marketing sales pitch? Surprisingly, the way is not to write as if you are writing a marketing sales pitch at all. Potential customers will spot it from a mile ahead. They will know you are trying to sell them something the moment they read your first sentence. And logically, they would avert their faces from your copy as if it was some terrible sight.

Affiliate Marketing Sales Pitch at the Customers’ Point of View

The first tip therefore to write an affiliate marketing sales pitch is to position yourself not as the marketer but as a customer. Customers will believe more in their fellow customers for several reasons. First, they have the guarantee that they are getting unbiased point of view. Second, they could be assured to be related a personal experience. Third, they know they are not being told sweeties about a product or service simply because the speaker wanted a sale.

Writing Affiliate Marketing Sales Pitch with Conviction

Therefore, if you want to write an affiliate marketing sales pitch, be sure that in one way or another, you are also convinced about the product or service you are writing. You don’t have to be an avid fan, but at least, you personally support the product’s use or its promoters. This point of view could also help you discriminate what you are promoting in your portals. If you had promoted about a brand that turned out to be a sham, it could also ruin your credibility in the long run. If you don’t have a personal experience about the article you are promoting, you can ask for input from friends, family and colleagues.

Writing Affiliate Marketing Sales Pitch with a Personal Touch

In writing an affiliate program marketing “sales pitch,” it is most important to sound personal and authentic. Personal, as said, is writing as “one of the customers.” Lending authenticity to your copy, on the other hand, is sounding credible. And the way to achieve that is to point out not only the benefits and advantages of using the product, but also in pointing out its minor disadvantages. No product is perfect. If it is, it probably is not true. Including some small faults could not damage your review of the product. In fact, it could lend a touch of reality to it.

Problems and Solutions

In addition, in order to make your review more effective, be specific in relating the problems you encountered before you have used the product or service. Evoke the same emotion in your readers to build up their desire to find a solution to their problem. And just as you have been specific about your discomforts, be specific in the benefits that you have felt after you have used the product. This point is very important because the bottom line of marketing any product is to offer solution to the problems that particular people have whether at home, leisure or work.


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