How to Use Twitter for Business

Being innovative and adapting to what life throws at you is one of the traits necessary to be successful in any business endeavor. Using the available tools surrounding you is the key to minimizing expenses and maximizing profits.

Twitter is a free program available to all that allows its users to connect with each other and send short messages. Here are but a few suggestions on how to use them for your business.

The increasing rate in the development of technology has truly made life easier for most of us. It has introduced us to gadgets and programs that we never thought we needed but has proved to be very helpful in our business and our everyday lives. From getting our mail instantly through electronic mail to having food and goods delivered to our doorsteps, the world truly has become a smaller, more interconnected space for all of us.

However, though we are bombarded with these new developments, we are sometimes obscured from the full potential these developments have to offer. Sometimes, there are just so many new trends to keep up with that we fail to develop and fully utilize the programs and gadgets that we already have. One such promising but underappreciated program is twitter. Twitter is a program developed in 2006 by creative and entrepreneurial minds that enables people from different places, with different backgrounds and persuasions to connect with each other and be able to know what each other are doing at that moment. These people are able to view short 140-word messages from other people that inform them of the whereabouts or current undertaking of the other. Twitter has served to be a good social networking tool that enables its users to receive updates from each other.

Though initially thought as merely a way to connect with your friends and family, twitter has proved to be a good tool in connecting people and updating them during emergencies. The program has been used by various local and foreign government agencies to update the people of the latest happenings in wildfires and plane crashes and to answer the people’s short queries and opinions.

In the same way, businesses can use twitter to connect with their customers. Customers may post orders through twitter while the proprietor can post updates to their orders. It may also be used as a tool for advertisement by sending out promos or discounts through twitter. Mailing and delivery establishments may use twitter to update the customer of where exactly the mail or package has landed. Twitter can also be used as a tool in addressing queries of the customers or as a medium for the customers to express their opinions and criticisms to the product.

A company/business can keep a close eye on the followers list and must know the more people follows you increase the activity, potential, business, etc. Every follower is worth of some Dollars so increase your list applying various marketing strategies.

If government, politicians and normal everyday people can use twitter to warn, inform, advertise, update and express then why not business establishments can use it? It is only a matter of creativity and the drive to use twitter to its fullest potential.

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