Viral Video Marketing Strategies

During the early years of the You-Tube, people used it to watch videos like music videos, funny videos, shows and even their own home videos shared by the family member and friends. However, these days many companies are using its advantage via viral video concept.

Viral video are types of clips that sells like hot cake, it is a video that spreads like wild fire in the forest. That is why, it is now considered as one of the best way to promote product or services.

Viral Video Marketing Strategies

The marketing power of your viral video depends on the content and concept of the video. This means that you cannot just use any video so make sure that the video is interesting enough, so that the people will spread it. This can surely increase the marketing exposure, views and generate traffic and boost your online business. The great thing about video marketing is they are free.

Understanding Viral Video Marketing Strategies

Viral videos are not just video clips but can also be an interactive flash games or images that have gained its popularity via internet sharing. Viral video is commonly shared over email, blogs, instant messages, forums or social media websites. These usually contain funny content from a well-known comedy shows to amateur video clips from people around the world.

Forms of Viral Video

  • Set of Images
  • Flash Games
  • Video Clips

As the surfacing of new devices from media like digital cameras and camera phones, creation of most viral videos have become simple and widespread. The convenience of inexpensive video publishing and editing software or tools applications have allowed amateur video shots on simple digital cameras or camera phones to be effortlessly proliferated across the internet.

As the concept of viral video occurrence have become very common way to be noticed, a lot of business marketing organization are trying to come up with latest strategies and ways wherein they can adopt the concept of viral video into obtainable marketing strategies. This is because of their pursuit of increase of awareness about their product or services and to enhance the sales.

Marketing Strategies for Viral Video

  • Make sure that the videos are short and not over 5 minutes. There are a lot of videos to be watched, longer videos tends to be boring.
  • The content is very essential, so be sure that the videos are interesting, entertaining and always there on the top. Make sure it has a “WOW” factor to be noticed.
  • Be sure to be careful in including promotional content and commercial advertisement. The videos must be interesting to attract the viewers to login into your website. When they are already on your website then they will now notice your business’s promotional sales message.


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