Viral and Guerilla Marketing

When we speak of Viral and Guerilla Marketing, these are the terms used in order to describe unexpected kinds of advertisings which are intended in order to capture the attention of the other people in a very unusual way.

When you are planning to increase the base of your customer, it is very essential to use these kinds of advertising strategies.

There are some ways in order to increase the customer base of your business and this is through viral and guerilla marketing. In this article, you will have an understand them even more.

Ambient Marketing

The first type is the ambient marketing. This form of guerilla marketing is considered as an approach that will advertise your business in a very subtle way. This is a form of advertising which is centered in making your business brand become recognized. However, this kind of approach will be based on how the products you offer will be viewed by your target customers. Like for example there is a dog that is driving a car. In this case, a customer may not remember the actual car you used in the advertising but will easily remember the dog. Thus, this will make your business become remembered always.

Relationship Building

Aside from the aforementioned form, relationship marketing is also another form of viral and guerilla marketing. This kind of approach is also called as grassroots approach. In this kind, you are attracting your customers individually and you are keeping their loyalty and trust to your business for longer time. In this kind of marketing approach, you are linking with your clients one by one. This can be done by means of in-person events as well as message boards.

Product Placement

Product placement is also another option available for you. Among the forms of viral and guerrilla marketing, this is the most popular one and is frequently used by many business owners. Like for example you are offering beverage and other drinks, there is a popular character drinking the products you are introducing. In this kind of advertising, you are not actually advertising the products you have, but the relationship between the character and the product. That is the one that entices the client.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is also one of the best forms of viral and guerrilla marketing. From the name itself, this form of advertising focuses on the specific niche of your business. The focus of the advertising here is on a specific matter. Because of niche marketing, you can directly relay the information about your product to your target customers. Good samples of the niche markets are parents of twins, riders of motorcycles, swimmers and others. Based from sources, this provides better promotional effects to the business owner. Thus, it can increase the sales in a better way.


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