Vertical Farming

Vertical farming has already been known to offer so many solutions to the world’s crises that the entire society is facing today like the population, pollution, the ever climate change, decreasing of food supplies and more.

This has definitely reduced of lessen the loads of transportation, and the urban heat island.

Population and its effects

It has been foreseen by the studies recently that by the year 2027, the population around the world will reach the number of 10 billion or double the population of the world almost 20 years ago. This is quite a huge number of people and it is quite disturbing considering the effects that the people will experience if the population will really reach this high. It will really increase the effect every person has made impact on this earth. Some of the effects of the high population number are de-forestation, pollution, urban sprawl, and global warming. These are the huge impact of the growing population to man and it is not really a good effect. Just like global warming for example. This thing has already changed the climate we have in this earth and it has caused so many bad effects to man. But come to think of it, this global warming is the effect of man’s own doing. If we have just not abused nature, this effect would have not taken place anyway. Pollution is another thing that affects the earth these days. Because of the huge number of population, the increasing problem in pollution has also affected us. The air and seas are already polluted because of the waste materials that we produce.

Vertical farming has what it takes to address to all of these said issues. It can really decrease de-forestation for the reason that there is a less needed size of land when you start vertical farming compared to the traditional method of farming. The traditional has been using huge size of land just to reach the amount and number of crops to be harvested in a particular time. Vertical farming has also been proven to reduce the problem in urban sprawl because of the less transport hubs, less processing factories, and the transport infrastructure. Vertical farming has also reduced pollution because of the reduced transport loads, chemicals and other pesticides that is being used in the more recent farming activity being done by the people.

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Different possibilities

The most exciting thing about the possibilities that could really have large global impact is the systematic abandonment of the farm lands so that we will be able to restore the healthy and strong ecology.

Vertical farms made in polluted areas can really make a healthier environment not just because of the clean air but also because of the clean water supply in any potential residents of the building. There can also be small number of lots or lands or buildings for this would be used for vertical farming.

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