Dairy Farming Problems

Every farmer experiences dairy farming problems. If you are new to this field, you have to understand these different issues to be more prepared in solving them.

Bear in mind that this can help you in accumulating huge amount of income.

This farming is a type of animal husbandry or agricultural scheme for effective long-term milk production. It often comes from dairy sheep, cows, goats and camels. This milk is being processed on the farm or carried to a dairy processing factory. Dairy farms also grow their own feed. The typical examples of these are hay and corn. What are the different issues and benefits of dairy farming? Be more knowledgeable by reading the succeeding paragraphs.

Possible Problems in Dairy Farming

One of the main challenges in dairy farming is having a huge farm. This business needs large space for milk production. In some cases, farmers can’t easily monitor their livestock, especially when they have few equipment and facilities. Dairy farming also need adequate habitants to get an excellent dairy farming activity. Another issue is the increasing cost of milk production. If the production of milk gets high, its actual cost tends to increase as well. Dairy farmers, on the other hand, can also experience poor return of investment because of price fluctuation.

Dairy Farming Problems – The Covered Lands

Lands should always be suitable to dairying. If you don’t want to have a poor production, make sure that your soil conditions are effective. It should have a proper drainage, irrigation and water supply. Lack of these aspects can destroy the entire condition of your livestock. If you have a huge farm, it is also best to create fences, gates and races. Your dairy land farming must also have a pasture type and growth rates.

Experience Counts

Dairy farming is quite a daunting task. You have to consider various things, including the conditions of your livestock and milk production. If you are not familiar with the actual procedures and strategies, you can’t easily get your desired result. The production of milk may tend to decrease, especially when your livestock is not properly taken care of. To be more equipped with dairy farming, it is best to know some facts about this field. You can also ask assistance from some experts and other dairy farmers.

Some Benefits

Since dairy industry does not dependent on rainfall, production is very easy in both hot and dry weather. Most farmers depend on this field because of its easy money-making. In dairy farming, you don’t need to worry about its demands. Consumption of dairy products is on rise among both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Even if there are several competitors, you can still have a chance to earn more cash. As compared to other industries, marketing of milk is not difficult. You don’t need to have special shops and use huge cash for marketing.


  • Anand Singh said on August 16, 2012
    I m Looking to do business in dairy production . Distt. Amethi Its near to raibareli 28 K.M. From Site
  • Manish kant said on August 18, 2012
    Dear sir I'm Manish from Ranchi Jharkhand, I have a small farm with 20 cows(Jersy), I produce 60 liter milk/day @28*60*30day=50400, Food cost=25000-30000, 2+1 labour=9000, Doctor+medicine=1500, Water+light=500. i hardly earn.
    1. I produce 60 liter with 8-10 cows coz all of them dont give milk at the same time, some are small(4-7 months), some are in a process of giving babies.
    2. Labour problem I always keep on searching new one coz it is not a easy work, they ask me for higher salary.
    3. We work all day and night to maintain it, as we work all the time it doesn't give returns.
    Please give me proper suggestion. Thank you, Manish kant, 09334441066 manish58.kant@gmail.com


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