Organic Dairy Farming Regulations

One of the major roles of a dairy farmer is to be well-informed about the organic dairy farming regulations. It is important to learn about the regulations in order to have a successful business.

Aside from that, it is also a mandatory rule that needs to be followed by each dairy farmer.

In case you have a dairy farming business, it is required for you to know the organic dairy farming regulations. Here are the regulations that you need to put in mind.

Organic Management

It is important to every farmer to make a pasture management plan. This serves as their guide in running the business and the blueprint of their businesses. Feed dairy cows should come as a managed crop which achieves the organic standards. In the management plan, it should be included the cattle record which use as a guide for checking and determining the ups and downs of the business. The files and other documents should be kept properly. In addition to that, important documents about health and feeding management should be properly recorded. When it comes to health management, you should completely include the medicines you use. You should use antibiotics and growth hormones properly and with the guide of an expert. You should also include the shelter and outdoors for cows in order to provide them proper care and good environment facility.

Labeling Management

The organic standards management provides additional credibility to labeling procedure. The standard for the production dairy labeling starts with "one hundred percent organic". This is simply explained that all contents should be naturally made of organic. The term organic is referred to the ingredients that are being used in feeding management. The so called category three is defined with organic ingredients which is said to be the product that contains all natural-organic ingredients, specifically with a minimum of seventy percent. The products have less than seventy percent all natural-organic percent contents might not be include in the organic label.

Dairy Farming Education

When you are planning to start a dairy farming business, it is important for you to follow one of the major regulations, being well-educated about dairy farming. In order to be legalized of having dairy farming business, you should have a certification of being certified dairy farmer. The USDA marketing association will be presenting more training sessions in order to assist new dairy farmers to understand about compliance and the process on how to be certified under the new regulations.

Outdoor Pasture Grazing Regulation

It is stated that the "outdoor pasture grazing" should take place for about one hundred twenty days. The regulations will depend on the type of weather. In warmer temperature, it should be expected that cows have more time for grazing activity. According to the regulations, the farmer can be ensured that the used organic milk products made from animals should be raised on pasture. Moreover, the healthy dairy products for consumptions, the regulations deal with giving adequate fresh air and for animals.


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