Acai Berry Farming Tips

Because of the increasing need for products that promote weight loss and antioxidant properties, Acai berry farming is one of the most profitable businesses for you.

In fact, many have already generated high income because of trying this kind of farming.

Before you try this farming in the future, there are first some pointers that you need to know. The considerations that you will learn will help you succeed in this kind of farming. That is why, it matters a lot to know these things first.


Location is one of the most important things to consider when planning of establish an Acai berry farm. Usually, the size of the location is determined with the number of Acai berry that you will plant. In addition to that, the location should also have the right climate, which is conducive for the growth of this plant. It is grown in the lush rainforests of Central and South America. If your area is not ideal for it then you have to grow it in greenhouse. The required temperature for this farming is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above. It should also have access to proper irrigation in order to supply the seeds with enough water.

Seed Preparation

One of the most important things you need to know about Acai berry farming is the proper preparation of the seeds. Unlike the other kinds of plants, Acai berry seeds need proper care to ensure that they will grow healthy and suited for commercial use. There are some information sources online that will provide you information on how you can efficiently prepare the seeds of acai berry. Usually, those information sources will provide you information concerning:

  • Proper seed germination
  • Proper transferring of the germinated seeds
  • Preparation of the plot where to transfer the seeds
  • Others

Staff and Other Things Needed

If in case you want to establish a huge farm, see to it that you consider hiring additional staff to help you in your business. Make sure that the staff is knowledgeable enough in terms of planting this kind of plant. In addition to that, you should also consider securing the other things needed in planting acai berry. One of which is the fertilizer. Usually, most farmers use fertilizers to augment the growth of the berries. You can consult your agriculturist to determine which among the fertilizers in the market is suited to this kind of plant

Marketing of the Products

Of course, it is also important that you consider the marketing of the products of your farm. When you have decided to establish your farm, you should already have direct contact with your future customers. You can contact some companies which make use of acai berry in formulating the weight loss and detox products they have. Surely, you can find companies that will hire you as supplier of their acai berry. Consider as many possibilities as you can to make sure that you will have enough market to supply your products to.


  • tim truog said on December 8, 2012
    Looking to start a small organic farm in south west Wisconsin, just with a few acres what kind of crop could be planted to make a profit, the ground is a heavy back dirt with a clay base. Just looking for few ideas?
  • shyam sawant said on September 13, 2015
    I am from bhimashankar near pune. I am interested in acai berry plantation in 5 acres.
  • A.M.Riyaz Usman said on September 30, 2015
    I am based in Cochin, Kerala, India and have a few acai para dwarf plants for sale. Those interested may please contact me.
  • Braulio Pinho said on May 20, 2018
    I am an acai producer farmer in Brazil and I am looking for a serious partner/ investment.
  • Arun said on October 7, 2022
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