Cherry Farming Tips

Planting cherry trees can be a great hobby and a money-making venture.

Its planting procedures are similar with other types of trees, so you will not find it hard.

Most people love cherries because of their delicious and sweet tastes. This fruit is considered as the most popular fruit throughout the world. Cherries come into two forms, such as sour and sweet. Sweet cherries need to be taken in a fresh manner, while sour cherries are used in baking.

Some Tips for Plantation

Cherries are very simple to grow in the home garden. However, it requires good level of maintenance to produce high quality and sweet tasting fruits. Sweet cherries need well-aerated and rich soil with abundant moisture at the roots. These fruits don’t like heavy and water logging. Studies show that cherries grow as big trees with strong roots.

In planting some cherries, you have to consider the location. Cherries should also have an easy sun access and the grass should be eliminated within four-foot diameter circle. The main purpose of this is to prevent the weeds from competing with young cherry trees for water and nutrients.

Step-by-Step Procedures in Planting Cherry Seeds

As a farmer, you should know the accurate procedures, and these are the following:

  • Start Planning - Planting cherries requires enough time for planning schemes. Before planting, you have to identify the exact amount of cherry seeds you want to cultivate. It is also best to consider the right soil and exact area for full germination.
  • Seed Planting – Plan to plant at least half dozen of cherry seeds. Examine how the seed germinates and provide all its basic needs such as water, air and sunlight.
  • Stratification Process – This is a process of letting the cherry seed chill for almost six to eight weeks before planting. It can be done through placing the seeds in the refrigerator. As a process, you have to place all the seeds in a plastic or metal container. See to it that air can circulate within the container. Its temperature should be range between 33 and 41 degrees.
  • Final Planting –Seeds should be planted at the beginning of fall. Place the seeds at least six inches apart and sow them with one centimeter deep.
  • Transplanting of Seeds - Once the seedling trees are quite high, you can transplant them into a new location. These transplanting schemes can be done depending on your preferences.

Other Considerations in Planting

The best way to grow sweet and delicious cherries is through placing them in a huge container. These can be moved indoors, especially when they have fruits and flowers. Constant climate change also affects the condition of cherries. Heavy rain can cause mould on the flowers and splitting of fruits. To grow cherries successfully, follow the right procedures of planting them.


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