Using Internet as a Marketing Tool

Internet marketing is a way of promoting products and services through the use of Internet with e-mails, websites, and instant messaging.

It is also known as online-marketing, i-marketing, e-marketing, or web-marketing.

Internet has become such a huge community that during the year 1995, there are only sixteen million Internet users, but over the years the population exploded to 1.8 billion. And this number keeps on getting bigger and bigger everyday.

The Internet, if used appropriately, could be a great marketing tool as more and more people use it to buy goods and services everyday. Internet has become a medium of business transactions online. Some customers prefer purchasing products online to avoid the hassle of going to the mall or shop which obviously requires physical presence. But in online shopping, a customer needs not to be physically present in order to purchase goods or services. Customers can do their shopping at the comfort of their own homes.

One way of utilizing the Internet as an effective marketing tool is through the use of e-mails wherein company’s mass-send e-mails to their potential customers. These emails are categorized into two; solicited and unsolicited. With unsolicited emails, several issues are raised such as invasion of privacy.

Another is by creating a web page as it reaches the target market using only limited resources. In creating a web page, several factors should be considered such as the appearance of the web page itself. It should be simple and appealing to the eyes of the visitors. A web-master should always put himself in the shoes of the visitors whenever creating or designing a web page. It is also important to let the visitors know that there is always somebody who will answer their inquiries in case they can not find the answer on the owner's website. This is where instant messaging comes in. An online customer service representative will establish a connection to the visitor. From thereon, the visitor can ask his questions. This will also serve as a good opportunity to the representative to market their products and/or services.

One advantage of using the Internet as a marketing tool by creating a website is having a growing audience since Internet population keeps getting bigger everyday. The physical location of the business is really not important because when online, all businesses look the same. Another important advantage is the low cost of marketing. But behind the advantages are some disadvantages. One of which is the tremendous competition between the website owners because they can be found virtually everywhere. Another is making the target audience to visit one's web site because more than 1 million web pages are created everyday. The owners should also update their sites from time to time to keep their customers informed of the latest news and updates regarding their products and/or services.


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