US Health Care Already Helps Millions – Obama

The new US health care bill has already helped millions of recession-embattled Americans after the government gave them small business tax breaks and benefits to families with young adults, President Barack Obama said in his weekly radio program on Saturday.

United States President Barack Obama on Saturday said that the new health care law has already helped millions of Americans by giving assistance to families with young adults and major tax breaks for owners of small businesses.

"Already we are seeing a health care system that holds insurance companies more accountable and gives consumers more control," President Obama said.Obama disclosed the announcement in his weekly radio and Internet program, which focused domestic priorities.

The new health care bill was passed at the US congress with no Republican opposition, which according to Obama, stirs strong emotions across the country.

He added that many of the American families are now receiving the financial aid they need, saying that many of the other provisions of the law would continue to take effect in the coming years.

Aside from the family-friendly provision of the bill, Obama said that about four million small businesses and organizations will be given possible health care tax break within this year.

Older people will also be given at least $250 to fill in the gap in their high prescription drug cost that has threatened their Medicare pharmaceutical benefits.

The president revealed that Anthem Blue Cross, one of the countries biggest Medicare providers, has let go of its proposed 39 percent increase in its California branch after the government demanded explanation from the company.


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