Videogame Sales in the US Hit Record High in December

Videogame sales in the US hit record high in terms of monthly sales in December with more than $5.53 billion in revenue to put an “icing on the cake” on a somewhat lackluster 2009.

Videogame hardware and software sales in the United States has hit a new monthly record of $5.53 billion in December, ending last year with a big bang, market research firm NPD Group reported on Thursday.

“The strong surge in videogame sales in December, especially in the hardware sector, has given positive outlook to the gaming industry that has suffered significant blows in the recent recession,” NPD analyst Anita Frazier said in an interview.

Based on records, videogame sales reached a total of $19.66 billion in 2009, a decline of eight percent from the $21.4 billion record-high in the previous year.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Software Association chief executive Michael Gallagher said that he was happy with the last year’s outcome, saying that despite a tough year for the economy, the gaming industry has remained composed under pressure.

“With the sales result in 2009, I believe that our industry has a solid structure and will make a strong comeback in 2010 with a number of highly-anticipated titles,” he added.

Sony Corp was among the major winners during last year’s holiday sales with more than 1.3 million units of PlayStation 3 sold in December. The company hopes to hit another record this year with the launching of its “God of War III” series and its new motion-sensor controller for the PS3.Nintendo, on the other hand, sold more than 3.81 million Wii consoles and some 3.31 million DS hand-held gaming device.


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