US Gov’t to Provide $19M Aid for NUMMI Workers

The US government will provide at least $19 million worth of aid for the NUMMI workers who lost their jobs after the 25-year-old plant shut down its operations.

The money will be used to give assistance to workers who can’t afford to pay mortgage and healthcare plans.

The United States government, through Labor Department Secretary Hilda Solis, will be providing at least $19-million worth of emergency grants for thousands of workers in California after its only auto production plant closed down.

In her speech before thousands of workers at the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) reemployment center, Solis said that the $19 million emergency assistance will be used to retain some 4, 700 employees at the plant.

The fund, according to the Labor secretary, will be will used to help workers that has problem with their mortgage payments and healthcare coverage.Aside from the workers, the money will also benefit hundreds of small suppliers who lost major business deals after the plant closed down after 25 years of operations.

The NUMMI has put up a one-stop reemployment and retraining center near the plant to help workers who needed counseling, assistance, training, assessment of their skills.Earlier, President Barack Obama vowed to help the workers in acquiring new opportunities, particularly in new technologies such as solar power.

Solis said that Obama is willing to invest in the development of a new plants were the NUMMI used to stand. The partnership will involve Tesla Motors Inc, the electric carmaker that plans to team up with Toyota Motor Corp. to develop a new electric car facility.Tesla plans to hire 1,200 workers to build an electric sedan scheduled to go on sale in 2012.


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