US First Lady Lauds McDonald’s ‘healthy’ Happy Meal

US First Lady Michelle Obama lauded the world’s largest fast-food chain McDonald’s Corp. for making apples as a standard item in its kid’s meal, as part of the effort to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity.

United States First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday lauded McDonald’s Corp. for its decision to include apples to its “Happy Meals,” saying it is a positive step in solving the massive problem of child obesity in the country.

Obama, who is spearheading a nationwide campaign against childhood obesity, said that continuing changes in McDonald’s menu would significantly increase awareness against the disorder.

McDonald’s earlier announced that it would make apples a standard item in its kid’s meals as a response to consumer demands.

Aside from apples, the world’s largest fast-food chain also said it would significantly reduce the amount of sugar, sodium, saturated fats, and calories in its menu items by 2020.

The fast-food giant now joined the group of retailers and stores that have pledged their commitment to combat obesity in the US.

Obama recently gathered major retailers, including Wal-Mart Inc., in opening or expanding more than 1,500 stores in the next five years to provide easy access to fresh produce – particularly those in hard to reach areas.

To date, the US has the most number of obese people in the world, with over half of the population now considered overweight.


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