Tips on Writing a Successful Classified Ad

Classified ads are still popular nowadays and you can still use it when you need something or when you want to sell something. By following the helpful tips, you will be able to create effective classified ads that can immediately elicit a response.

Make the ads short but informative and you will surely get the needed attention.

Classified ads are usually incorporated in newspapers. Despite the advancements in technology and the use of the internet, classified ads are still very popular. If you plan to hire an additional employee or perhaps you want to sell your car, a very effective way to do get results is through the classified ads. Transactions and other small things can be advertised in the classifieds. However, you will be wasting your money if you don’t know how to write a successful classified ad. You don’t have to be an expert to write effective ads but with little knowhow, you can get better results. You can use these tips if you like –

Some Tips on Writing a Successful Classified Ad

If you want readers to pursue the ad, you will need to place your contact details. This may seem unnecessary to you but a lot of people forget to place their contact info on the ads. Never forget this part or else your ad will suffer greatly and you will simply waste your money. Another important thing to remember is to proofread the advertisement. The newspaper will tell you when the ads are placed and the duration. Making follow ups are necessary to ensure that your ad is printed correctly and is printed on the right section. If you see any typos, inform the newspaper at once. A short but detailed ad is always interesting. The attention span of readers is really short so you need to grab their attention by putting all the pertinent info only. It’s also a good idea to use words like brand new, rare, and other words that pickup interest instantly.

If you want to sell something, make sure that you indicate the ‘asking price’ but you can also wait until a potential customer calls you. You should also inform your readers if the price is negotiable or if it’s fixed. Since you need immediate action, your ad should have a sense of exigency. To get the needed response, you should use the appropriate phrases. Instead of using generic phrases, try to use keywords. Your ad should be specific. It’s also a good idea to pay for specific wording and bold type. When reader knows what you really want, you can elicit a response.

Ads should use few words but it should contain all the pertinent information needed to generate a response. Classified ads are still very popular these days and you can still use it to advertise your business or when you need something.


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