Tips on Designing a Business Logo

The making and design of a business logo is an integral part of your business as this will identify your company in the public market.

The first essential factors to consider in designing a business logo is to determine what it represents.

By this time your company should have a mission statement or vision where you may base your logo design on. Choose images and representations that best depict the goals you wish to portray for your company. The logo is not just a pictorial representation of the company rather an overall reflection of who it is, therefore it is important to keep it as distinct, direct and as memorable as possible.

Consider the basic principles in logo designing. First it must be one that is describable. The images depicted on your logo must have their own specific representations and descriptions that will give people an idea on what the company is all about. Second it must be memorable. The simpler the logo of the company, the better since this means it will be much easier to remember and therefore be able to immediately represent your product, brand or company upon viewing. Another principle to consider is that it should be one that will still be understandable and attractive even without color. This is not a strict requirement though it is one that should be followed if possible. Lastly try to keep your logo as scalable as you can, since there are several instances wherein you will need to resize your logo for certain promotions, and it must still be understandable and viewable regardless of its size.

Draft out your logo and make alterations if necessary. Have another superior employee review your draft to see the type of message it sets out. Also you can compare your logo with others in the market, more specifically those that are garnering the most popularity among your target audiences. From there you can get more ideas on how to improve the overall design of your own logo. You can further develop your design process through research and brainstorming. Conceptualizing your logo draft and having it reviewed regularly will also help you make a more effective logo design.

Once you have decided on your logo design you may now add the revisions and finishing touches and editing using any design software you are competent in. Image editing and alteration through digital media will help you discover several different ways on which you can improve on your logo design. That is why it is very important for a logo designer to be knowledgeable in one or more design software available in the market. Otherwise, now would be a good time to learn the basics and educate oneself. Fortunately, if one cannot attend classes or take special seminars, there are many available tutorials and videos available on the internet that anyone with an internet connection may search and view at their leisure.

Finally, keep in mind that though the logo is descriptive of your company, it need not depict several aspefcts. Keeping it simple is the key rule in logo designing.


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